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7 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know About a Commercial Landscaping Co

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Nov 14, 2014 8:30:00 AM


Property owners and managers are often approached by a multitude of eager landscaping companies. But, how can they be assured they will find a company that is an accredited, professional landscape contractor that has the track record, qualifications and business acumen to provide the best possible service for your commercial landscaping portfolio?

Consider track record, qualifications and local experience

A commercial landscape maintenance company should have a solid reputation for maintaining and improving your landscaping year after year. While cost always plays a vital role in choosing a professional landscape company, the skilled company that you hire must take into consideration that your surrounding landscape is a valuable commodity that must be carefully maintained.

Professional Associations, recommend that property owners and managers consider the following questions when evaluating a commercial landscape maintenance company.

Do they understand your goals and objectives?

Before soliciting proposals for landscape services, think about what your objectives and goals when hiring a landscape company.  Any landscape maintenance contractor should be thinking about how to meet your goals, because it’s the only way to meet your objectives. It all begins with a clear interpretation of your business goals and objectives. Make sure all prospective bidders understand your scope of work accurately, includes a water budget and a 30,90, 120 day startup plan, and the capability to offer budgets, designs and strategic plan so you know what to expect in the future.

What is their track record?

Inquire about their experience and how many years they have been conducting business as a contractor, how they measure quality, there customer service procedures, safety and training and how they respond to after-hours emergency. Request references and property addresses so that you can see their crews in action. Be sure to call and inquire about references.

Do they hold professional certifications, licensed and tenured personnel?

Make sure they are licensed and hold professional industry related certifications ie water managers, landscape industry certified, ISA certified arborist, certified water auditor etc.. Strong horticultural experience is mandatory along with formal training of maintenance, water conservation experience, irrigation, IPM environmetally safe pest management, and tree care. Association memberships, such as the PLANET, and certifications like Landscape Industry Certified, Certified Irrigation Manager and ISA Tree certifications are sure indicators of their commitment to their profession.

Do they offer specialized services for bundled-consolidated pricing?

From landscape maintenance to specialized landscaping services, such as tree care, water management, landscape improvements, interior plant maintenance or parking lot sweeping, decide in advance if you prefer a full- service contractor that can streamline your service lines and define accountability.

There are some landscape companies that also have landscape designers on staff, such as LEED Certified architects, to help you design, and improve your future landscaping needs.

How do they measure up?

Seek a company that is committed to customer satisfaction, honesty and dependability.   Make sure they measure up to your expectations on performance and customer satisfaction and that they are seeking ways to improve their lines of service.

If you are in a drought stricken area, does the company offer water management services as part of their service?

Your landscape contractor must be changing with the times and readily able to provide- sustainable landscape solutions that foster water conservation, drought-resistant landscaping and best practices. Ask for similar properties validating their experience. On-site recycling, water management, and implementing sustainable landscape improvements are just some of the service lines they should be providing.

Can they show you the savings?

Is your landscape company willing to work with you on long term cost savings and strategies that save you money? Can the company provide you an ROI and provide illustrations of where they assisted other clients in saving money?

Do they have a solid safety record?

Ask about their safety credentials and what systems they have in place for training there personnel.Solid landscape companies always put safety first with regular safety training, power equipment training, and safety tail gate meetings.

Is there staff trained?

Make certain there staff has regular and timely safety training in every aspect of their business from landscape maintenance, operations, equipment maintenance and training, quality and horticulture, customer service and public awareness.  A good company will be able to provide information about their safety training and safety track record.

What Can I Do for my Boss?

Call a professional commercial landscaping company that has the track record, qualifications and association acumen to provide the best possible service for your commercial landscaping service. Schedule a FREE assessment of your Landscaping or call (408) 275-1200


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