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5 Ideas for Commercial Property Landscaping

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Mar 9, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Why Container Gardens are perfect for Bay Area Landscaping 

FloraTerra is a commercial landscape installation and maintenance company. But even though we spend a great deal of our time designing and installing landscaping for Bay area properties of all sizes, we have a big interest for designing and installing container gardens!

Why should you consider a container garden in your commercial property? There are plenty of reasons, but we’ve provided a few good ones below. 

Instant Landscaping Appeal

Nothing livens up main entrance landscaping better than a colorful vibrant container design.

Sometimes it takes several months for commercial landscaping to fill in — and it’s usually worth waiting for — but if you’re not into the waiting game, you can add a pizazz of colorful plants to your bay area property for that immediate landscape gratification.


Container gardening can change the appearance of your commercial property landscaping the same way a different piece of jewelry or other accessory can transform your attire. There is a multitude of ways; bay friendly-plants can transform your landscaping, from splendid monocultures to “colorful, filler, killer” combinations that will capture the attention regardless of where the container is placed.

Like the many seasons in the bay area, a container garden can be changed to your liking, but you can also supplement plantings at the spare of a moment! Perhaps you want to add a little extra pop for a special event — it’s easy to boost the look for that special day.


Given the Bay area climate and the exceptionally long periods of drought our area has been known to experience — as well as the risk of cool weather extremes — there’s a great benefit to a landscape with a mobile element.

You most definitely won’t need to bring your container garden in out of the cool winter temperatures, but the ability to transport your plants in a protected location and out of harm’s way if unexpected weather risk your investment is definitely to your advantage.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

In the event your landscape has problematic soil characteristics, less-than-ideal sun conditions or other problematic issues, container plants seem to acclimate well with a commercial landscaping service. You can create an exceptional growing condition for your container landscaping by choosing the appropriate soil medium for the type of plants and locating the planter in an area that gets the best lighting conditions.

The added benefits of installing a drip system makes watering a snap for your container garden, and you’ve got the high tech low maintenance solution for your container garden.


One of the advantages of a container garden — and one of the key benefits that our customers seem to like about them — are that they are economical and provide that big bang impact. The perfect container, even when planted with simple perennials or flowers, can explode with an array of colors and textures. With a minimal investment, your container garden can provide a huge punch with colorful foliage texture and variable heights for your Bay Area landscaping.

The cost of low maintenance is also another advantage, as there is little to no problems with container plants. In the event a plant should decline, it’s much easier to replace it in a container than it would be in the landscape.

Contain it!

Whether you want to install contrasting flower containers throughout your property or design a new landscape that includes colorful perennials, plants, and annuals in your containers, let FloraTerra take you on a journey for designing and installing your container garden.


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