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ISA Arborists Get To The Root of The Problem Once and For All

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Sep 26, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Keeping Your Trees & Plants Healthy 

Providing mulch and care for your trees in a drought is important, however less mulch is more in some cases. If you pile mulch around the trunk of your tree causing a buildup, you’ll risk the chance of a long term life span. Root collar excavations can help save your trees.

Preserve the Life Span of your Trees

Excessive mulch buildup and deep planting will ruin the chances of a healthy tree. There are many negative effects that lead to chronic tree problems in an urban landscape setting that may eventually cause your trees to die. Removing the excess soil buildup against the tree collar can help promote a healthier tree that will extend their life for years to come.

Tree Stress- Premature Death

Root collar excavation can help reduce these factors that occur with excess soil on trunk lines:

  • Discoloration of leafs
  • Premature leaf fall
  • Stunted Leaf Growth
  • Retarded growth cycles
  • Increased disease and pests
  • Decay of trunk line

Is ISA Arborists Worth the Time and Investment?

In Apartment Landscaping or commercial properties, properly trained isa arborists can help by removing the excess soil and bark mulch from the trunk and stem of your plants and trees . Investing in a—root collar excavation can mean the difference of healthy trees or a slow death.

Proper tree care planning in HOA, apartments and commercial properties can keep your trees healthy and sustainable throughout the year, even in drought conditions. Additionally, proper care of your trees will help reduce operating costs, while boosting the appearance of your property for visitors, tenants and residents.

Have Tree Problems? Leave it up to one of our ISA Certified Arborists!

Regardless if you own or manage a Residential Estate, or have a single Shopping Center, FloraTerra is very experienced in the area of multi-residential community landscaping, let us help you with your landscaping problems.

Tree Care Solutions for Commercial Property Landscaping

FloraTerra  is a Leading Commercial Landscaping company in and around the San Jose bay area, we provide tree care and landscaping services for apartment complexes, shopping centers and hoa landscaping , providing a complete range of landscaping services for property managers, community developers and commercial property owners.

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