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5 Things To Know About an Accessible Commercial Landscape Design

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Feb 27, 2017 8:42:00 AM


Accessibility has always been a topic in the initial landscape development planning process and installation on a commercial property landscaping. There are several factors to review including handicap access to a property. Some things to consider in light of creating improved accessibility include widening walk ways for the physically impaired or wheel chair access, widening the entrances to buildings and the accessibility to lighting switches.

Accessible landscaping is important for the handicap and disabled and should be considered in the designing and planning process! So let’s consider this aspect of the commercial landscape design.

You can never be to safe on a property, depending on your property layout and its use, there may be a need to consider the commercial landscape architect aspect when it comes to the physical impaired, the blind, the elderly and perhaps a child having physical limitations.

Tip #1: Widen the Access Points

Think of color, and accessibility as your point of reference when designing a pathway or for widening a walkway and provide a spacious area to include patio chairs, tables and seating. There are no slim walkways in accessible landscaping!

Building an outdoor Barbeque island is something to consider for entertaining, don’t forget to include a refrigerator to store bottled drinks for visitors, consider the ease to access these areas for the enjoyment of your staff or visitors.

Tip #2: Provide Smooth Surfaces

When it comes to an HOA Landscape Service design considerations include the convenience aspect and ease of outdoor relaxation areas , commercial landscape design implement a plan for outdoor space that is accessible with smooth pavement surfaces for strollers, wheelchairs, walkers and possibly the physically impaired.

A commercial landscape architect-designer will in most cases, create areas for the blind and physically impaired using different textures of surfaces that transition from one space and another, for example, a commercial office landscape service, suggest that the designer to incorporate pavers along a walkway and then transition to a natural stone finish patio area or even stamped concrete surface for an outdoor lounging area, firepit or fireplace.

Tip #3: Maintain even flat surfaces

When it comes to a commercial landscape service, proper grading is one of the key components for a safe and accessible landscape and pedestrian traffic flow.

Smooth even terrain makes it easier to transport someone across an area, so keep it level.

Tip #4: Use Walls to keep it Contained

Just like railing is important along a stairway for safety, a commercial landscape designer will include short seat walls and other surfaces of various heights, colors and textures that can be helpful to keep areas contained and flowing in the right direction, the walls can also be used as a transitioning point between changes in property elevation, additionally the seating wall can be used as informal seating areas for the convenience and enjoyment of visitors and employees.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Water Feature

Water features like fountains and running water can have a soothing effect on the surrounding environment bringing many benefits for relaxation in a landscape, it can be a soothing and tranquil outdoor space for everyone that wants to get out and relax and get a breath of fresh air for just a few minutes, so consider the access to a small court yard or patio that will make it easier for the physically impaired making it easier for everyone to enter.

Considering the right commercial office landscape design will help create the right environment for outdoor relaxation spaces making it safe, enjoyable and accessible. Get in touch with the professionals at FloraTerra Landscape Management! We’ll assist you with a commercial landscape architect that includes a design that’s modern, trendy and accessible .

Give FloraTerra a call at 408.275.1200 or use our simple contact form to set up a meeting with our irrigation team. In the meantime, for more landscape tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

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