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5 Ways to Optimize your Commercial Landscape Service

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on May 29, 2017 9:52:00 AM


There are a number of ways to reduce your commercial landscape service. There are also ways to reduce water costs. However, sometimes it requires some upfront planning in order to reduce the amount of water applied by your commercial landscaping service. Below are a few ideas and suggestions.

If you understand the benefits of low maintenance landscaping, and scheduling this important service at the right time of the year helps in many ways. Read on and you’ll understand why it is so important.

Use regionally appropriate, Drought Friendly Landscaping

Once established, these plants require little water beyond normal rainfall, also, because native plants are adapted to local soils and climatic conditions, they rarely require the addition of fertilizer and are more resistant to pests and diseases than are other species. Be careful when selecting exotic species, as some may be invasive, which may require more water and could displace native plants. For more information on appropriate plant choice, please contact us.


Group plants according to their water requirements

Grouping plant material with similar watering needs into specific "hydro zones" reduces water use by allowing you to water to each zone's specific needs. For example, turf areas and shrub areas should always be separated into different hydro zones because of their differing water needs.

A Commercial Lawn Care Service that Curbs Water Use

If you're designing a new landscape or rethinking your current commercial lawn maintenance, we can help you plan your landscape for water-efficiency. With two simple inputs – zip code and landscape size – we can calculate a scientific water budget that will help provide just the right amount of water appropriate for your climate.

Identify site specifics and plant accordingly

Areas of the same site may vary significantly in soil type or exposure to sun and wind, as well as evaporation rates and moisture levels. Be mindful of a site's exposure to the elements and choose plants that will thrive in the site's conditions.

Place turf grass appropriately 

In commercial property maintenance, turf grass receives the highest percentage of irrigation water in traditional landscaping. In commercial landscape design,commonly used varieties of turf grass require more water than many landscape plants. In addition, some tend to over water turf grass. As a result, landscapes with large expanses of turf grass generally use more water and more commercial lawn mowing than those planted with a mixture of other plants such as ground covers, shrubs, and trees. To reduce exterior landscape water use, plant turf grass only where it has a practical function, such as a park or seating area. Choose turf grass types that don't use a lot of water. Select low-water-use or native grasses and those that can withstand drought. 

Contact one of our certified landscape professionals for a free landscape evaluation and audit. We can provide you with a complete seasonal landscape maintenance program that includes Eco-friendly landscaping and other beneficial horticultural services.

 Commercial Landscape Management

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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