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Tips For Budgeting Your Commercial Landscaping

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Sep 25, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Landscape Budgeting San Jose

Budgeting for Your Commercial Landscaping Service

The budgeting process, whether during the initial development phase or during on-going operations, should start early enough to collect all the necessary information.

Preparation of your initial landscape operating budget should be done carefully, as should preparation of all annual budgets. Realistic income and expense expectations should be used to prepare the operating budget.

The annual budgeting process should include:

Interviewing vendors/contractors to obtain their input review the past 24 months of landscape expenses verification of landscape contract amount project future price increases review and project future lifespan of irrigation equipment and plant material review required hours compared to current staffing.  Finally, drafting the final budget.

Operating expense review should carefully analyze the following areas:

annual water costs; Irrigation maintenance, sprinkler repairs and upgrade inefficient equipment landscape procurement controls; cost efficiency of contracted services Landscape improvements, taking into account anticipated renovation expenses, including plant replacement and upgrades, tree pruning-removal, refresh mulch, lawn renovation and seasonal flower rotations.

Developing a comprehensive landscape budget for an HOA, apartment complex or commercial retail property can help ensure that no major expenses are being missed, helping to avoid a costly surprise down the road.

As part of the budget process, FloraTerra takes a complete snapshot of your entire commercial landscape management developing a well thought out plan that can be phased in stages or consolidated into one whole project capitalizing on economies of scale. We focus our efforts on high visibility areas that bring about the most value to your property, while improving aesthetics and reducing maintenance costs.


Get started today; our budget planning will help "take the word guess” out of water management.







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