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4 Dirty Little Secrets You Need to Know

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Dec 29, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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People want to feel a sense of pride when they walk up to your property. Clients and Property Owners expect their property managers to provide the highest level of outdoor landscaping service. That must include well maintained lawns and lush landscaping. It also means curbs, gutters and landscape frontage that are free of weeds, trash and debris. Ownership expects to see flowering entrances, and pathways that are clear, neat and tidy in appearance. And safety’s a factoring concern throughout the entire year as well: Pro-active landscape maintenance will help mitigate liability.

There’s much to do when it comes to bay area commercial landscaping in order to keep values up, tenants satisfied, leases renewed and damage control that must occur when basic landscape maintenance is not being performed.

By maintaining the appearance and safety of landscaping — in a pro-active sustainable manor, FloraTerra creates customized landscape maintenance programs meeting the expectations of property managers, developers and building owners. That’s easier said than done, but we’ve got many years of landscaping experience maintaining and installing commercial landscaping throughout the South San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area.

Here’s OUR TOP 4 Secrets


Ownership and homeowners’ association want to have the peace of mind that their landscape management company is performing to common landscaping standards, and we’re not just referring to the color of the grass. Sustainability is high on the list for customers today, and that includes conserving water for hoa landscaping and commercial office parks. Many want to be assured that there property landscaping is being maintained in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manor—that its maintenance includes using fewer chemicals and that the property’s landscaping footprint is light on the environment.

At FloraTerra we partner with our property management customers to meet their goals to be mindful of the environments and there surrounding landscaping.  


Some property owners overlook the small details. According to recent studies, some concerns are poor landscape maintenance, according to a recent research study group, specializing in multi-building properties. Landscaping is about the “smaller landscaping details”. The smaller things matter. When customers and tenants pull into their main property entrances, they notice debris, weeds and walkway frontages. The people who visit commercial offices and condominium communities notice its landscaping appearance. They want their property and landscaping to stand out with a clean well maintained appearance.

With that said the property appearance will attract the right attention and improve property values.


Is there lawn debris or trimmings on the walkways or building entrances? Was debris left behind in the parking lot or blocking a main entrance to a building? Are curbs and gutters completely buried with leaves? Maintain the way! Demonstrate to tenants and residents that safety is number one by keeping frontages and walkways debris free and clean, weeds, trash and debris ruin their appearance and create safety issues.

Plan to make it easy for people to enter their building, walkways and parking lots. This is a basic expectation. The commercial landscape maintenance company you contract your landscaping service with should adhere to the simple standards: for safety, appearance and property entrance accessibility.


Most owners and managers appreciate being familiar with the names of the people who help maintain their properties, and that includes the landscape maintenance company, clearing the debris from the walkway frontage, and going the extra mile to ensure that the landscaping is clean and well maintained. It always feels good and is appreciated when the maintenance staff greets you by your first name and asks how they can help? Landscape maintenance is no different.

Let’s CHAT about your commercial landscape maintenance service and how you can get the most value from your landscape company, investing in a solid landscape maintenance program. Give us a call any time at (408) 275.1200 — or click here and we’ll get in touch with you!

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