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Preventing a Slip and Fall in Commercial Office Landscape Management

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jan 13, 2017 8:59:00 AM


Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Commercial Office Landscape Management does more than just preserve property value by increasing curb appeal; a beautiful landscape also sets a positive first impression for tennants and visitors. Property owners can successfully hire a professional landscaping service by following a couple of steps:



Each winter, cold inclement weather conditions set the stage for slips, trips, and falls. A Commercial Property Landscape Service can help prevent this from happening, In fact, freezing conditions can and do occur in all 50 states, with the potential for bay area temperatures being at a record low this season. Slips, trips, and falls are identified as one of the two leading causes of injury, both at home and in the workplace, by the National Safety Council and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The risk for slips, trips, and falls rises dramatically when ice and water are involved. Organizations need to take smart, effective steps for employees, customers, and guests to safely access their premises or be prepared to deal with the consequences of slip-ups, literally.

Who is responsible?

Typically, property owners and/or property managers are responsible for commercial grounds maintenance in a safe walking condition as well as ice removal on paved surfaces. However, tenants may also be partially responsible to share the responsibility depending upon their lease agreement. Also, regardless of liability, tenants can be named in lawsuits, resulting in time and legal expense. It is in everyone’s best interest to prevent these incidents from happening in the first place.

The Basics

While some local ordinances may allow for up to 24 hours for ice or frost to be removed from sidewalks, organizations should operate with “best practices” in mind, rather than “minimum legal requirements.” If your tenants, clients, and visitors need and expect a safe walking surface, the best practice is to accomplish this as soon as reasonably possible. Moreover, compliance with a local ordinance does not fully protect your organization from slip, trip, and fall liability

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Service and Water Management are essential

In wet and cold weather Rain/Freeze sensor reduce the liability of slippery ice buildup on paved surfaces by interrupting the irrigation when the air temperature drops below a predetermined set point.

Additionally, there is a significant amount of water that can be saved over the course of a year depending on the amount of annual rainfall. But in a year with average rainfall, savings are usually substantial.

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