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Commercial Lawn Maintenance is Not Just About Mowing Lawns

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Feb 4, 2015 8:30:00 AM

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Commercial lawn maintenance is more than just mowing lawns, and it requires some upfront landscape planning to get it done right and on time. Their are various techniques that can be employed in order to reduce soil compaction caused by foot traffic and commercial lawn care equipment. However, sometimes the smaller less expensive methods bring about the most value for your lawn improvements.

Read on for our commercial lawn maintenance tips..

5 Commercial Lawn Maintenance Tips

Is Lawn Aerating Necessary for a Healthy Lawn?

You may have seen “aerating shoes” for sale in the hardware store and wondered if they actually work. The short answer is “not really.” Do you need to aerate your lawn? The short answer is “yes!” There is a right way to aerate and a right time to do it for best results. Aerating is part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Here’s how to do it right.

What is Lawn Aerating?

Aerating is the process of removing small cores of soil from the turf. Core aerators are the best types of mechanical aerators because they remove the soil, rather than pushing soil back in to the ground. (That is what those little lawn-aerating shoes do.) Lawn aeration is one of the key components to healthy lawn maintenance.

How does Aerating help the Lawn?

Plants need oxygen as much as they need carbon dioxide, but they need oxygen in their root areas. As people walk on lawn, they compact the soil, squeezing it together and removing spaces that oxygen normally fills. Plants use oxygen when they metabolize (break down) the sugar they store from photosynthesis. Without oxygen for this process, plants will literally starve. In addition to improving oxygen availability for plants, it also improves life for soil organisms. Lawn aeration allows water to filter more consistently through soil, and helps reduce problems with thatch.

When Should Commercial Landscapers Aerate The Lawn?

Depending upon how much foot traffic the lawn in question gets, you may need to aerate more than once a year. You always want to aerate when the lawn can grow and heal itself from the process. Aerating a lawn disrupts plant roots and is stressful to the plants in the beginning. It is best to aerate in the spring and when the plants are actively growing, and it is not too hot. Warm season grasses grow most during the hot summer, so aerating during the summer works well for them. Disrupting the plant roots will interfere with their ability to take up water and recover from the aerating process. Aerating mid-summer requires more careful observation of moisture levels.

Property Maintenance Service Employs the Right Equipment

It best to hire a commercial property maintenance service that uses a punch-core aerator to aerate the lawn. some prep-work is necessary prior to the Aeration procedure. The turf needs to be mowed at a slightly shorter height and give the lawn at least one inch of water two days prior to aerating. This will moisten the top layer of soil and help the core aerator get the maximum penetration. After aerating, continue giving the lawn 1 inch of water twice a week. Aerating the lawn at the right time with the proper equipment can ensure that you have a beautiful turf area year around.

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