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5 Ways Have to have Amazing Corporate Campus Landscaping! Here’s How

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Oct 15, 2014 8:30:00 AM


Retail and Commercial properties are very noticeable during the day light hours. Monument Signs and frontage are clean and very visible. Lawn areas are green and vibrant. Flowers and Plants are swagger with beautiful colors under the sun. Walkways and architectural lines flow. In daylight hours your property looks great. But does it show well at Night?

As evening sets in at a residential apartment community, or hotel for example, the properties landscape and building architecture isn’t very noticeable as it was during the daylight hours. Landscape lighting can make a significant difference during these hours, extending your properties beauty and visual safety through the night.

Safety Should be Considered at Night

How can light change these scenes in the dark? Safety is one area of importance that we should review. It gives visitors and employees a sense of security and minimizes the liability of a trip and fall accident. It also mitigates vandalism and theft; further building the confidence and trust with visitor’s employees and tenants.

5 Ways L.V. Lighting Can Help Your Commercial Landscaping

Although safety is of premiere importance, landscape night lighting is more than just a deterrent for theft and vandalism on your commercial property. Here are five other ways landscape lighting can help with bay area commercial businesses, retailers and other green spaces.

Marketing Impact for your property

The very first thing you see when approaching a commercial property is the exterior. Landscape lighting will help enhance the surrounding beauty of your community or commercial property in the night time hours to present the best first impression for your business.

Accentuate the Architectural Elements of the Night

You’ve invested a great deal of resources into your commercial property landscaping — consider high lighting the architecture and bringing out the landscape beauty.

Landscape lighting can create a magical environment bringing out the visual beauty at night, highlighting the elements of specimen trees, plants, high lights of your buildings architecture and creating soft pools of light along walk ways and paths.

Provide Interest and Visual Appeal

A visual appealing landscape that is lit up at night draws interest and visual appeal; people remember a property that makes an impact.

Professional Landscape Lighting draws visual appeal that can help differentiate your property, making a lasting impression.

Illuminate Your Marketing Brand

A commercial property that invests in night lighting reflects commercial marketing appeal and exhibits a professional image.

Lighting builds trust and positive affirmations among the building owner’s clients and visitors showing that you care about your properties image, safety and the well-being of others.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Landscape lighting comes with a vast amount of advantages, here is another benefit:. Advancements in lighting technology can provide the same level of high quality lighting, yet require much less power to illuminate your exterior landscaping.  The low voltage technology available today is designed to conserve energy, lower electricity costs saving commercial property owners money.

Let Us Light Up Your Night

Have questions about how you can boost your marketing brand appeal and create safety on your commercial property or apartment community with landscape lighting? Let FloraTerra evaluate your site and provide a FREE lighting plan that can give you that competitive edge.

Give us a call at 408-275-1200 or complete our contact form and we will contact you.

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