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Why Focus on a Stress Free HOA Landscape Service?

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jul 3, 2017 9:01:00 AM

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An aesthetically pleasing HOA landscape service can improve the overall look of your property. However, no property manager or owner wants to spend a fortune to re-landscape a property. Additionally, many property managers simply do not the budget to perform frequent landscape capital improvements.

Whether you manage individual building or multi complex buildings, there are cost effective ways to add interest and design to a property without costing yourself extensive time and money. Even small touches to the landscape can go a long way.

Save yourself the time by keeping the design simple and cost efficient without the added headache. It’s possible to get the pizzazz back into your commercial landscape service without breaking the bank. Consider the 5 step process below.

Consider Drought Tolerant Native Plants

Native landscaping, over time, can save you time and money because the plants endure for longer in your environment. In the long run, native plants and shrubs will require less fertilization and pest control, too, since they naturally thrive in your environment without much help.

Draw Attention to a Focal Point

When it comes to commercial property landscaping, sometimes less is more. If you lack the resources to plant tons of flowers or make beds all over your property, think small. For smaller apartments for example, consider highlighting a single tree, large shrub, or lawn ornament of some kind by creating a mulch or gravel bed around it.

Save Water with Gravel, Mulch or Decomposed Granite

Who says you have to have an expensive corporate lawn care service that uses expensive flowers? Landscape planters can be filled with any landscape material — decorative rich colored mulch, decomposed granite, or pea gravel; these materials will help define the landscaping perimeters. They’re a nice low maintenance stress free options that don’t require extensive landscape maintenance service. Covering the bare soil with these decorative products will cover bare soil by helping to minimize dust and weeds, not to mention the visual interest that it will create.

Try Decorative Plant Containers

A commercial property landscape service can use decorative plants and containers can make a big difference at the entrance of a building from decorative planters to containers , various sizes, shapes and textures can be used transform your property quickly. They draw attention to building entrances, walkways, or areas you want to add interest. A landscape maintenance company can incorporate decorative container plants that provides a great choice because of their versatility and ease.

A commercial grounds maintenance service doesn’t have to stressful. All that matters is that you get started.

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