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Read This Before Removing Your Bay Area Lawn

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Sep 15, 2014 6:00:00 AM


Dont Replace Your Commercial Lawn Maintenance Until You Read This

FloraTerra's landscape enhancement design team focuses on creating sustainable landscapes. By choosing compatible low water use plant alternatives, older lawn or ground cover areas are converted to beautiful seasonally flowering drought tolerant, insect and disease resistant shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses.

Inefficient “overhead spray” irrigation is converted to efficient drip irrigation systems. “Smart” Irrigation controllers (solar powered available) apply water to current ET rates in the precise amounts of water needed to keep plant material vibrant and healthy through changing seasonal weather patterns. Surfaces are covered with mulch, cobble or bark. This results in the “sustainable landscape”; landscapes that are attractive, last a long time, save water, and use less fertilizer and pesticides to maintain. Our landscape conversions result in less water run-off and resultant damage to curbs, parking lots and other surfaces. Your new sustainable landscape is harmonious with the natural environment, and most importantly will conserve water and save money.

“Landscape Improvement Rebates can pay up to $30,000”

Business owners, Institutions and multi-family properties located in Santa Clara County may be eligible for receiving rebates up to $30,000 for replacing high water using landscapes, such as irrigated lawn or turf.

“Businesses and Communities may be Eligible for a Free Survey showing a Potential Savings of $1000 Per Acre of Landscape”

Business owners, Institutions and multi-family communities located in Santa Clara County may be eligible for receiving money saving rebates for replacing and upgrading inefficient irrigation equipment

Our Focus is on The Future

Like many bay area landscape management and water management companies that are looking to advance with future developments, FloraTerra Landscape is investing a great deal of its time, energy and focus in the area of water conservation and resource management . Our services include; landscaping design projects with an emphasis on drought tolerant landscape designs and sustainable landscaping, retrofitting older less than efficient irrigation systems with low flow drip irrigation and smart watering technolgy.

Landscape Water Conservation Designs

“FloraTerra will also continue to provide commercial landscape services in the San Jose area implementing ways that can reduce water consumption by installing drought tolerant landscaping by removing water-thirsty lawns, replacing with drought resistant plants, ground cover and trees,” Gene Ebertowski, president says “Our efforts and focus are also on converting less efficient irrigation sprinkler systems to drip or bubblers whenever possible. The drought is such a big problem here throughout the bay area and northern California, and it’s not going away any time soon. Educating our employees and clients will continue to be an area that we invest a great deal of time and resources,  helping to keep our customers apprised of best watering practices, water saving opportunities as well as the latest technology that is available to help conserve where ever possible.”

Challenged with the High Cost of Water? Leave it up to Our Experts!

Regardless if you own or manage a large retail center, or have a portfolio of Apartment Buildings or Office Parks, FloraTerra is very experienced in the area of water conservation and management, let us help you with your watering challenges.

Landscaping Services and Experts in Water Conservation

FloraTerra  is a Leading Landscape company , we design, install and maintain water efficient landscaping and drip irrigation systems , providing a complete range of landscaping services, including water management for Residential Estates, Retail Shopping Centers, Mixed Use Development, Apartments and Multi-Residential Communities, Home Owners Associations, Condominiums and Commercial Office Developments.

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