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7 Water Conservation Trends by a Commercial Landscape Contractor

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Apr 21, 2020 7:15:00 AM

Commercial Landscape Contractor in the San Jose Ca Metro Area

The California bay area has always experienced the coming and going of droughts. With lower supplies of water on the horizon, increasing resilience is going to be more vital than ever. All businesses can attest to the reality that water costs are making a steady upward trend, but this doesn't have to mean escalating costs for your commercial landscape maintenance company. By harnessing the right strategies, a commercial landscape contractor can increase your water conservation, and protect your bottom line.

Effective approaches by a commercial landscape contractor can dramatically reduce water consumption, saving money while helping the environment too. With the next drought around the corner, doesn’t it make sense to plan for the future demand trends? Enlisting the help of a commercial landscape contractor in this area is an investment that is certain to reap rewards. Flora Terra maximize water conservation and resource management using these seven drought planning strategies, and are ready to provide your property with trans-formative drought resilience.

Increase Efficiency with Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation provides a hugely effective means to save water, being much more efficient than traditional irrigation. It does this by delivering water precisely where it is needed, to the plants root system, while eliminating drift caused by wind and misting water droplets. A commercial landscape contractor may often favor drip irrigation over other irrigation means because it minimizes weeds, while preventing water runoff. This approach to irrigation is highly efficient when compared to traditional overhead irrigation. You may also be able to save further money by taking advantage of available municipal rebates for converting traditional irrigation to drip irrigation. The simple fact that such rebates are available highlights the impressive impact that drip irrigation can provide for preventing water waste.

Harness Water Efficient Landscaping As a Resource Management Tool

Water efficient landscaping can be seen as a highly functional tool in your drought resilience toolkit. A commercial landscape contractor can guide you towards the latest landscaping approaches for optimal water efficiency. The implementation of these methods offers excellent value return, as landscaping requires less labor to maintain. Ongoing input is reduced thanks to low maintenance demands, with labor intensive jobs such as lawn mowing no longer required.

Costs, carbon emissions, and sound pollution can all be reduced as the need for gas-powered hedge trimmers and blowers is eliminated. Water efficient landscaping provides fantastically aesthetic outdoor spaces, without the need for high water consumption. Thanks to the attraction of beneficial insects, butterflies, bees, birds, and other small critters, local Eco systems are able to thrive despite drought conditions. This reduces the need for fertilizers, while the strategy also eliminates the need for a commercial landscape contractor to apply harmful synthetic pesticides that damage and pollute our environment.

commercial landscape contractor in San Jose Ca

Enlist the Help of Flora Terra with Available City and Municipal Rebates

As an affordable commercial landscaping company in San Jose Ca, Flora Terra takes pride in an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients. We consider knowing how to navigate industry resources a vital skill, allowing us to provide excellent support whenever it's needed. We are always on hand with such services, such as assisting in the processing and streamlining the application and approval process. We specialize in assisting with water efficient landscape design and irrigation conversions, as well as highly cost-effective lawn conversions. Flora Terra is a selected and approved rebate specialist, with certified personnel and expert staff to guide you every step of the way.

Convert Traditional Lawns and Landscaping to Reduce Municipal Water Needs

Most commercial landscape contractors, who oversee the care of green spaces, will recognize that lawns and traditional landscaping are among the highest draws of municipal water. Traditional lawns literally use millions of gallons of water throughout their life span. If we imagine a 20,000-foot lawn, it might be shocking to recognize that it will require as much as 700,000-1,000,000 gallons of water per year! This substantial cost, when placed alongside fertilizer and commercial landscape maintenance fees makes lawns poorly suited within a profit driven enterprise. Moving away from traditional landscape approaches to outdoor areas through appropriate design and plant selection will positively impact and minimize water use in the bay area. For many condominium landscape contractors alike, a comprehensive understanding of water efficient landscape design is key. The use of California native plants, and the adoption of drought tolerant Mediterranean plants, can dramatically reduce water costs. Many Australian plants and trees are also highly suited for California's arid climate.

Adding Value for Tenants and Residence with Drought Appropriate Design

Opting for drought resilient landscaping will allow your property to boast aesthetically pleasing exterior spaces, no matter what the weather delivers. Reputable commercial landscape companies in San Jose will employ cutting-edge design elements, such as appropriately planting trees to lower both heating and air conditioning costs for your property. Such endeavors can help towards the achievement of LEED Building Certification. Common area landscape services in San Jose Ca help offset costs with valuable rebates, while you can enjoy a reputation for adopting low environmental impact practices, and promoting a healthier, sustainable, and Eco-friendly approach to your business.

Effective Mulching Dramatically Reduces Water Demands

As a landscaper for condominium associations, we cant over emphasize the value of applying mulch to outdoor common areas, more importantly, there’s a multitude of different benefits to tap into. Layering with mulch suppresses weeds, reducing the need for costly and polluting herbicides. Under a protective layer, soil remains cooler and water evaporation is vastly reduced, while soil erosion is minimized. Natural mulch materials provide nutrients back to the soil over time, contributing to healthier plants and trees. Artfully applied, mulch offers excellent aesthetic appeal, instantly freshening the look of any landscape.

Up Your Game with Recycled Water Conversions

Exploring the potential cost savings to be discovered through a recycled water conversion can be both enlightening and exciting. When water is a valued and sparse resource, reducing your water foot print through the implementation of a recycled water system can offer fantastic value. Money can be saved on commercial landscape maintenance by using reclaimed water rather than municipal water. Reclaimed water practices also help to preserve our potable water supply, and has been shown to reduce pollution. For your green outdoor spaces, reclaimed water has higher nutrient contents requiring less fertilizer for landscaping and lawns. Refilling decorative fountains, ponds, and water features provides a further opportunity to save water and money during a drought.

Engage Flora Terra As Your Ally To Forge Water Conservation

Many well-known owners and building managers across the bay area have come to trust Flora Terra Landscape Management, more importantly, as an industry leading commercial landscape contractor, we are well versed in delivering water conservation and efficiency solutions. Whether it's converting traditional turf areas to water efficient gardens; assisting with local rebates; converting traditional potable water systems to recycled water; or installing smart irrigation technology: water and resource management is synonymous with Flora Terra Landscape Management. In fact, it’s exactly the reason why we included management in our name!

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us online, call us at 408.275.1200, or click here for further ways to connect.

The Takeaway

As we move forward into into 2020 – Leverage our resource management tools and strategies. It will save you money, water and will reduce your watering foot print!

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