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Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Dec 31, 2019 8:30:00 AM

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For any commercial landscaping company, designing green spaces in and around routes that people are likely to shortcut through them is always hugely important. Accounting for every variable can, however, be a challenge! Unsurprisingly, the need for resilient landscaping in highly trafficked commercial areas is crucial to meet if we are to maintain stunning natural displays in busy spaces.

Evidence of such damage can be found in all sorts of public settings: retail shopping centers, malls, residential communities and commercial office properties are constantly impacted by the damaging effects of foot traffic. You have, no doubt, witnessed this for yourself – from landscaping shortcuts adjacent to building entrances, to sorrowful gaps in narrow parking lot planters. Of course, landscaped areas are always created to be enjoyed and used. So, how do commercial landscaping services mitigate such unsightly damage? The best solution is to use landscape materials that are both resilient, colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Here, we will explore the excellent options that a commercial landscaping company might employ:

1.  Decomposed Granite Offers A Sustainable Solution

This hugely versatile material is the result of the natural weathering of the igneous rock, Granite. It can be applied similarly to gravel, although it is finer, and much more inclined to stay put! Providing the qualities of permeability, affordability, and aesthetic versatility, the popularity of decomposed granite is easy to understand. With huge color variation available, it serves as an excellent choice for a commercial landscaping contractor – popularly used for natural pathways and parking lot planters.

2.  Eco Friendly Recycled Rubber Mulch

With around 285 million tires reaching the end of their road-worthy lives each year in the United States, recycled rubber mulch is a fantastic way of hitting the three “Rs” - to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Rubber mulch offers fantastic durability, and free-draining permeability. Popular among many commercial landscape companies in Santa Clara, recycled rubber mulch provides a fall-friendly option. Because it doesn't decompose in the same way that wood chips or bark do, it can be less of a draw for pests, while needing to be replaced far less frequently.

3.  Exploring Lawn Alternatives

Visible damage from foot traffic can act as an impact eyesore in lawn areas. The introduction of natural stepping stones can transform a trafficked route from being over- worn to becoming a pleasing feature. Alternatively, a verdant and drought tolerant low growing ground cover in combination with natural stepping stones can be far more resilient to the traffic of feet!

Excellent choices include:

  • Dymondia Margaretae, a hardy, carpet forming ground cover, silver like foliage and yellow flowers.
  • Gazania, with it's beautiful and brightly colored daisy-like blooms, it flowers prolifically in the season.
  • Baccharis Pilularis or “Pigeon Point”, a creeping evergreen ground cover requiring little water.
  • Stachys Byzantina or 'Silver Carpet', offering a showy display of velvet-textured silver leaves.
  • Juniperus Procumbens Nana, a ground hugging Japanese juniper that is a reliable investment.

Each alternative to the traditional lawn can display far greater resilience than standard turf, offering fantastic longevity and drought tolerance. This surely makes them a useful option of most commercial landscape services.

4.  Properly Designed and Placed Landscaping

Landscaped areas serve as a hugely enjoyable, decorative, and ultimately, interactive element within any given property. Because the use of spaces often evolves over time, a commercial landscaping company may well employ specific planting tactics to detour unanticipated foot traffic. Placing groups of larger, high-density plant displays can divert pedestrians back to their intended routes. Compact, closely spaced hedges will likewise encourage foot traffic in the direction that has the least impact on landscaping.

5.  Combining Paving Stones and Ground Cover

Commercial landscaping services know that, at times, a combination of techniques can provide the most aesthetic solution. The use of pavers is a great choice for high foot traffic areas. All the while, a low growing ground cover softens the look of paving stones. Isotoma fluviatilis otherwise known as “Blue Star Creeper” is ideal for such mix-and-match solutions, thanks to it's capacity to recover and fill in quickly.

6.  Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turfs provide a hugely practical solution for a wide variety of locations – from institutions and universities to HOA and commercial properties. While many might hold onto an outdated skepticism towards this product, modern synthetic turfs have advanced well beyond their antiquated ancestors. Many now possess a look and feel that is hard to differentiate from highly maintained, freshly cut grass. The advantages in going green are many, from the impressive durability and aesthetic appeal, to the absence of any need for irrigation.

7.  Grasses with Durability to Heavy Foot Traffic

Of course, deviating from traditional lawn is also an excellent option. A reputable commercial landscaping company such as Flora Terra will be able to advise you on the perfectly suited grass for any specific aspect and location. Impressively versatile options include:

  • Perennial Rye Grass, which is valued for its resistance to erosion, and it's fast- germination – capable of achieving first seedling to mow-ready in about 21 days following germination.
  • Bandera Bermuda, which is known for its speedy growth and recovery, alongside drought tolerance and pest resist
  • Tifway Bermuda, a finely textured grass, dense growth that holds up excellently to high foot traffic.
  • Bull’s Eye Bermuda, which is ideal for urban settings, being simultaneously drought and shade tolerant, while deeply colored and markedly tough.
  • Paspalum Perennial Grass, which has short creeping rhizomes and deep thick fibrous roots, making it a fantastic choice for pedestrian areas.

Ultimately, there are many remedial actions to be explored when it comes to countering the negative impact of high foot traffic in landscaping. The perfect solutions can seamlessly resolve footfall issues, while maintaining green areas at their maximum aesthetic value.

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