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7 Must-Have Qualities, From Spectacular HOA Landscape Designers

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Apr 5, 2022 5:30:00 AM

Hoa_Landscape Designers in Redwood City CA

Every HOA property developer knows that in order to stand above the competition, providing glorious value is a must. Alongside stylish interior design and a generous offering of amenities, strategic HOA landscape design offers a major boost when it comes to attracting and retaining tenants.

At first pass, it might be easy to imagine that HOA landscaping is as simple at throwing some shrubs and trees about with a stretch of lawn here and there, but in truth, there is a touch more to it.

This doesn't pose a significant challenge—but rather, all that is called for is a little expert guidance. Read on to discover the seven facets that your HOA Landscape Service in Redwood City Ca should be prioritizing on your behalf.

1. Balancing Curb Appeal With Residents' Enjoyment

We mentioned both attracting and retaining residents, and both of these endeavors should be considered at the planning stages of your HOA landscape design.

Thoughtful planting can provide top-notch curb appeal, enhancing both the reputation and desirability of your property before prospective residents have even set foot inside.

Meanwhile, HOA landscape design should be curated to ensure that window views and areas of frequent footfall offer a feast for the senses, ensuring that those who chose your HOA will never wish to leave.

water conservation experts, FloraTerra Landscape

2. Water-Conscious Design Choices

Contemporary Bay Area HOA landscape design should always place emphasis on minimizing water consumption.

Because extended droughts are increasingly the norm and water rates continue to climb year on year, HOA property developers would do well to know that poorly planned landscaping can leave those balancing the books with the burden of astronomical water bills, and potentially the need to substantially replace landscaping because it simply can't tolerate the temperatures.

Happily, modern approaches to water wise landscaping are abundant in diversity and scope, and smart HOA landscape design can help you keep costs far lower.

Strategies such as Xeriscaping, favoring native and drought-tolerant plant species, and incorporating automated smart watering technology can all contribute to resilient, attractive, and low-maintenance HOA landscaping.

3. Incorporating Usable Outdoor Spaces

Garden areas can be so much more than a pleasant thing to behold from a distance. Why not ask your HOA landscape service about introducing zoned garden areas that your residents can use and enjoy.

Outdoor seating areas, dining areas, barbecue areas, and more can each offer appeal that places your HOA at the top of your game.

4. A Cost-Effective Plan for Landscape Management

Whether you are engaging an homeowners association landscape service to design and implement new green spaces or deliver a much-needed landscape renovation, your long-term budgetary goals should always be kept in mind.

Beyond keeping water costs down, intelligent HOA landscape designs can also create aesthetic garden areas that look decadent, but call for minimal maintenance once established.

Eco Friendly Landscape Options

5. Landscape Design That Rewards With Eco-Credentials

These days, more and more consumers look for low-impact and environmentally friendly options when choosing where to spend their precious earnings. When it comes to HOA landscape designers, the very same inclination can be harnessed.

By choosing water-efficient grasses, planting native and pollinator-friendly plant species, and introducing nature-lover's perks such as edible gardens, it is entirely possible to enhance the eco-credentials of your HOA property.

You can even turn to your HOA landscape service provider for advice on how landscaping can contribute towards lawns be gone landscape rebates.

6. Prioritizing the Safety and Security of Residents

Residents of any HOA will inevitably feel drawn to the qualities that make that property feel safe and secure.

Beyond physical security measures in place, implementing elegant lighting throughout your HOA landscape design will make anyone traversing outdoor areas after dark feel safer, while also making the property attractive at every hour.

Ensuring that outdoor steps and paths are well lit will minimize the risk of falls, while entrusting your HOA landscape designer service with timely tree maintenance and keeping walkways clear will guarantee a safe environment that all can enjoy.

7. A Design Strategy That Takes Every Season Into Account

When it comes to residential properties, there is no high-season and low-season—green spaces must speak to the caliber of your HOA throughout the year. As such, plant selections should be curated so that there is always something to see as the months pass by.

Deciduous trees and shrubs should be balanced with richly textured evergreens, and flowering plants should provide a display that evolves joyfully throughout the seasons. While there is no doubt that spring and early summer will always bring the most color, every other season's unique potential should also be captured.

HOA Landscape Designers, FloraTerra

HOA Landscape Designers That Draw Upon Decades of Experience.

Whether partnering with some of the Bay Area's most prestigious properties or with fledgling developers engaging in homeowner association landscape design for the first time, we bring a plethora of experience to the table—helping our clients develop green spaces that fulfill all of the above qualities and more.

If you'd like to know more about how our dedicated HOA landscape service can bring out for HOA property's potential, contact our team today.

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