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Don't Forget to Ask Your Commercial Landscape Service About Tree's

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Jun 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM

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During the warm months, when the landscaping of your commercial property feels as if it's tired, it can be easy to imagine that there's little to do with your trees. But according to some commercial landscapers, the warmer months provide the perfect opportunity to ensure that trees remain at their majestic best. Without a doubt, trees represent a wonderful investment, and are a future asset that is worth protecting. As guardians of shade, providers of fruits and flowers, hosts to pollinators, and elegant companions to the most prestigious commercial properties, safeguarding the health and strength of trees should always be on your winter to-do list!

How Does Timing Come Into Play?

Winter or Spring, timely pruning can create opulent and robust trees that delight all who encounter them—it can also restore a tree that is currently in bad condition. The reason why trusted commercial landscape companies will be taking up their heavy pruning tools between December and February is that this is when trees are dormant. When it comes to heavy pruning, this makes for the perfect moment to provide care while minimizing the risk of stress or shock. Of course, in the case of deciduous trees, the arborist also enjoys the advantage of leaf fall, allowing a clearer view of the trees shape and potential!

Why Do Trees Need to Be Pruned?

While it’s true that trees within untouched environments don't receive a regular pruning, within a landscaped setting, tree care becomes a vital ingredient for verdant commercial green spaces. This is because when trees are left to their own devices, they can pose a risk to the plants, structures, and even people that surround them. Trees grow through natural cycles, and when untended, problem branches may fall or roots may create a negative local impact. As such, larger trees should be assessed regularly in order to safeguard against injury, accident, or damage.

Why Should Tree Care Be Performed by a Professional?

Many are unaware of the lasting damage that can be done to trees when pruning is attempted without comprehensive understanding of the tree at hand. Not only are the proper tools required, but also a knowledge of the unique needs of different tree species. Poor pruning choices can result in tree decline, poor health, and even tree mortality. After years of successful growth, such a loss is sure to be mourned.

The right equipment and training is also a must. While your commercial landscape company's arborist may prune a tree below 12 feet from ground level, a larger tree might warrant specialized equipment like aerial lifts or climbing equipment. Particularly in the Bay Area climate, issues of local soil compaction might also be a factor—calling for a careful strategy and provision of soil oxygen. No matter the size of tree, the weight of its limbs and the dangers of handling pruning equipment should never be overlooked. A licensed commercial tree care company is always the right place to turn for total peace of mind.

Do Trees Need Attention Over the Rest of the Year?

While winter maintenance represents the most hands-on episode of the tree-care calendar, there is no better tactic than regular monitoring from a professional commercial landscaping service. During the sunnier months, you can expect to spend more time enjoying the shade of your trees than caring for them! However, when skilled arborists keep an eye on your property's dignified green giants, they will be far safer and less likely to fall into ill-health.

For example, FloraTerra's trained commercial landscape contractors in San Jose Ca carefully observe the tree's trunk, structure, and branch health—scanning for signs of decay, disease, or pests. Problems spotted can be rapidly resolved before they become more complex.

For our commercial landscape service clients, the monitoring and care of trees is an important aspect of what we offer. Of course, if you are seeking assistance for a tree in distress for the first time, consider giving us a call, just as you might call the doctor for yourself! With thoughtful intervention, unhappy trees can recover spectacularly—but with a skilled commercial landscape contractor in your corner, they can always be at their most resplendent.

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