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Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on May 29, 2018 7:10:00 AM


Getting from one point to another in an hoa community  or retail center can be fairly simple or challenging. Most of the time we don’t think too much about what we’re walking on, especially if there’s a path or walkway pointed in the direction we are headed, and then we’re right on course. When walking, we are usually not focused on the type of material used, however when it comes to a walking surface, there are a number of factors to consider, including frequency of use, the topography, future maintenance, its resilience to abuse , safety factors, sustainability and property aesthetic.

Whether we’re talking about a pathway short cut through a parking lot island or a path through a serene courtyard patio, the walking surface that you provide should always be up to standards. There are multiple choices available when it comes to pathway surfaces for commercial property landscaping. Here are a few options to consider for high foot traffic areas.

The Best Choice of Materials for High Foot Traffic Landscaping

The high traffic pedestrian shortcuts provide challenges for a commercial landscape maintenance service, landscaping takes a lot of abuse and rightfully so, most people that are in a hurry are seeking the shortest distance to their destination. This means the walking surface and materials that are used for heavy foot traffic — week in and week out, month in and month out, year after year must be strategically placed with carefully consideration.


Here are a Few Great Choices

Stone Pavers. Most commercial landscaping companies would agree that natural stone pavers provide a more natural appearance, they provide a natural look without sacrificing safety, dependability and appearance. Paving stones are easy adaptable in most landscapes, they are relatively easy to install and manufactured in many shapes, colors and textures, with a much more rustic look than finished concrete or granite.

Granite Stone. When left unpolished, granite has a safe, slip-resistant finish. And thanks to its natural coloring, granite is stain proof and retains its color. And it’s resistance to abuse and durability is another factor. This paving stone material will handle all weather conditions throughout the greater bay area.

Flagstone. Similar to, travertine, Flagstone is a colorful natural stone surface that absorbs water, offering a slip resistance surface used for pathways and walkway surfaces. One great feature with flagstone is its ability to stay cool in warm weather, especially with the blistering sun we get in the bay area. Its longevity is also a great benefit, because flagstone can last a literal lifetime.

Finished Concrete. There was a time when the simple gray colored concrete dominated the landscape. Today, texture and color rules. Commercial property managers are still incorporating stone finishes with concrete, but using it in various applications. Go with a smooth concrete surface, which can take on a variety of shapes and can be conformed into sections. The cost of concrete is much less expensive than most hardscaping materials.

Concrete with Stone. Using concrete as a base and setting in other materials, such as pebbles, small river rock, cobble stone will give your surface a durable and original look.

Colored Concrete. After the concrete is laid and set, it’s “stamped” to take on the look — color and feel —of a more traditional stone appearance. There are many options and colors that are available to get the look that you desire.

Decomposed Granite- Crushed Stone. Most reputable retail mall landscape companies have used Decomposed Granite and Crushed Stone being a great addition to any landscape. These natural aggregates really help you connect with nature and they are great solutions to many foot traffic issues. They can help reduce the heat island effect (when you are surrounded by heat absorbing materials like asphalt and concrete) and help control storm water runoff. But they do have their limitations- dust, mud, erosion, and loose rock everywhere. When faced with these problems, using stabilized decomposed granite and crushed stone typical problems are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Let FloraTerra help you with your next project

Whether you’re interested in mitigating high traffic problems or want a simple pathway installed, a wide variety of materials are available with our commercial landscaping service—. FloraTerra can help you by providing available options for materials, budget, commercial landscape planning and installation.

Interested in a new landscaping makeover to improve your traffic flow? Please call us at 408.275.1200 or click here to schedule a free consultation.

Give FloraTerra Landscape a call at 408-275.1200 or use the contact form to schedule a free no obligation assessment of your landscaping. And if you want timely landscaping tips, please join to our commercial landscaping blog.

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