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Commercial Lawn Maintenance is Costly, how about water in 10 Years?

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Sep 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Water costs continue to escalate the bay area, but does anyone really know what the cost of water will be in the next 10 years?, but there is one thing for sure, the cost of water is like taxes, it likely that it will not go down. With many municipalities and water agencies requiring strict water rationing in order to reduce the use of water, do you think these restrictions will force you to choose between a light brown, deteriorating landscaping and expensive water penalties?, think again because you haven’t looked at the newest commercial landscaping trends available.

We’ve all experienced the cost of traditional commercial lawn maintenance in San Jose; that need excessive amounts of water, requiring a large amount of fertilizer and maintenance. Or the broken sprinkler heads that shoot the geyser of water high into the sky, watering everything but the lawn. Beautiful variations of contrasting colors of rock and fairly sparse plantings can evoke the effect of a healthy landscape that’s soft on the eyes. Planned and installed correctly,a commercial landscape service that provides drought friendly landscaping can have a beautiful and long-term effect that can potentially reduce outside water costs by up to 50%.


A New Technology Used By Our Commercial Landscape Service

New landscape technology is signed to look for ‘smart’ ways for commercial landscape maintenance, using the latest technology to determine smart planting and watering. Using drought resistant perennial color along with native trees and plants, this new type landscaping is designed to immediately start conserving water, eliminating wasteful consumption. Water wise landscaping utilizes a variety of methods to achieve these results, ultimately conserving, and reducing maintenance. These methods include the following

Making the Right Choice

Each part of California has its own tolerances and properties should consult a San Jose Landscaping Company for the right choices. Again, take note of what’s growing around in nature that doesn’t require much attention or care. In the Bay Area, for example, fruitless olive trees, sages and several types of grasses and plants including Stipa and Perovskia – do well. Some varieties of Oak Trees and Muhly grass also perform very well together. Other plant varieties include Rhaphiolepis u. minor, Arbutus unedo and Kniphofia are all fairly drought resistant plant material. Morea, Tristania and Laurus Noblis grow well in the area.


Mulching for Water Conservation

One of the best methods of growing healthy plants and conserving water is to use mulch in the landscape. Mulch is a protective ground covering that saves water, reduces evaporation, prevents erosion, controls

Weeds, and in the case of organic mulches, enriches the soil. Mulches can be classified as organic or inorganic.

Condominium Landscape Company includes mulching which reduces soil moisture loss through evaporation. Mulch also reduces the soil’s exposure to wind which also reduces water loss through evaporation. The insulating quality of mulch helps to keep the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. By maintaining more even soil moisture and temperature, mulch promotes better root growth and plant health. Mulch also helps to reduce rain splash and runoff, which can help to prevent erosion is steep areas.

While replacing your current irrigation system and lawn will not be inexpensive, the savings in water usage (between 40% and 60%) will begin paying your return on investment, leading to a reduction in water use, significant savings on your water utility bill, while maintaining a healthy, attractive landscape.

Let FloraTerra help you with the many options available

Whether you’re interested in mitigating high traffic problems in your commercial landscape maintenance or want a simple pathway installed, a wide variety of materials are available with our commercial landscape service—. FloraTerra can help you by providing available options for materials, budget and bay area landscaping.

Use the contact form to schedule a free no obligation assessment of your landscaping. And if you want timely landscaping tips, please join to our commercial landscaping blog.

Give FloraTerra Landscape a call at 408-275.1200

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