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Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Dec 24, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Hoa Landscaping Companies, San Jose Ca

Homeowners associations rely on HOA landscape companies for there community maintenance, aesthetics, and keeping your property clean.

Some associations have an assigned landscape committee, usually comprised of a few different volunteers. Responsibilities may include periodic landscape meetings, organizing focus groups, vendor selection, and budget planning by an experienced commercial landscape designer.

Budgeting can be a time-consuming process for an HOA community, especially when it comes to simplifying the RFP process.  More importantly, the selection process includes generating a request for proposal, invitations, site meetings, analyzing proposals, and awarding the contract. Consider the following information as a go to guide for selecting and hiring the best HOA Landscaping Companies in the bay area.


Simplifying the Vendor process is equally important as maintaining a budget. Selecting and hiring HOA landscape companies is a task in itself, especially when you have a lot on your plate with phone calls, emails, site meetings, vendor management, and complaints, sound familiar? Simplifying the process saves time and helps streamline things.

DETERMINE YOUR NEEDS – Maintenance tasks are usually broken down into functions and frequency, please consider all association needs for this section of the process. For example, some reoccurring tasks would include weekly lawn mowing, edging, periodic irrigation audits, plant pruning, blowing, weeding etc. Specialized site services may include tree pruning – above 15 feet, mulching, applying organic pesticides that are safe around people, pets and children, simple irrigation repairs. To keep everyone on the same page, it’s a good practice to Identify each function, be concise, and include a well thought out frequency plan that includes all seasonal landscaping activities.You might also consider landscaping improvements as a way to improve long term aesthetics and value. According with The Realtor Magazine, commercial landscape contractors can help boost property values by up to 12%. On a separate note, consider asking contractors to provide a proposal for sustainable landscape improvements, especially for renovating older outdated landscaping..

QUALIFY YOUR HOA LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR – Seek out an HOA lawn maintenance contractor that is fully licensed and insured is a good practice, especially that you want solicit the most qualified HOA landscape companies in the area. There are obvious reasons for omitting unlicensed landscape vendors.

PROPOSAL EVALUATION – Always get at least (3) qualified proposals before making a final determination on which HOA landscape Company to hire. Cost always plays a factor, especially when it comes to budgeting. More importantly, be cautious when comparing proposals, If an HOA landscape maintenance contractors bid is below 15-20%, its likely they missed something, and may not be able to perform to your expectation. Question low bids, and be sure it’s all included. Keep in mind that labor is usually 95% of the estimated cost. For comparison purposes, ask all bidders for the number of weekly hours included by their hoa landscape company. If it sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right, remember, you get what you pay for.

CONSIDER THEIR EXPERIENCE – Due diligence is important when verifying an HOA landscape companies experience. It’s always prudent to check and verify at least (3) local references, request customers with similar size properties and scope. Verification of experience would include driving out and visiting at least (2) of their properties. It takes time, but it’s worth every minute, especially that you want to partner with a commercial landscape companies that will provide an exceptional return on your investment.

READ THE AGREEMENT – Agreements are made for a reason, usually for protecting both sides, however please read the general terms, conditions and scope of work. More importantly, ensure that the agreement is in the best interest of everyone, and that all vested parties completely agree, and with no surprises.

CONCLUSIONS – The above vendor process ensures a fair and complete process for selecting and hiring the best HOA landscape companies in your area. In conclusion,this management process is helpful for comparing and evaluating your current commercial landscaping service.

As with any vending process, always be sure to check your local, state and governing homeowner association documents before proceeding with an (RFP) Request for Proposal. At FloraTerra Landscape Management, our teams support your goals and objectives, we make it easy for a smooth and seamless transition.


As a trust worthy HOA landscaping company, our teams work unobtrusively with minimal disruptions to your hoa community. Our landscapers for homeowner associations keep your property in top notch condition, delivering world class service. We play a pivotal role in making your community a great place to live!

Serving in and around San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Mountain View and the Mid-Peninsula Bay Area.


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