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Smart Watering Technology

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Jul 25, 2014 5:30:00 AM


Smart Watering Technology

For most commercial shopping centers or apartment managers, you rely on your landscape company to provide you with valuable and efficient landscape services. You expect your commercial landscaping company to provide landscape solutions that can save money on your water costs while keeping your landscaping healthy and "Green". The latest technology offers just that — and more.

Commercial Property Management Save their Clients Money with Smart Watering Systems

Smart watering systems help property managers and owners conserve water for their commercial landscaping. Smart Systems work for Office Parks, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Condominiums and Residential Estate Landscaping just to name a few. The concept of Smart Irrigation helps save on water costs while protecting your landscape investment. A well-maintained system keeps your commercial landscaping beautiful and healthy, while minimizing water waste in a drought.

To raise awareness of the benefits of efficient watering practices, the Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month. Make time this summer to be sure you’re getting the most out of your irrigation system, while keeping utility bills low and helping to protect the environment.

The New Generation of Smart Watering Technology

The new generation of “smart” irrigation systems monitors weather, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water use and automatically adjust your watering schedule.

The secret to smart systems is the controller. Smart controllers use weather and/or site data to determine when and how long to water. Then, sprinklers apply just enough water at exactly the right time in each zone of your property.

Smart Irrigation Controllers:

  • Save water. Smart watering irrigation systems automatically suspend watering during rain, freezing or high wind conditions. Careful scheduling minimizes evaporation and encourages water to soak in, reducing the total amount of water needed. Preventing overwatering actually keeps plants healthier by encouraging stronger roots and discouraging weeds, disease and fungus growth.

  • Save money. Smart systems can reduce your annual water bill by as much as 30 percent by preventing water waste. Plus, many local water providers offer rebates for purchasing specific smart controllers.

  • Save time. Once an irrigation installer has programmed your site data into the smart system, the controller adjusts the watering schedule based upon weather conditions and soil moisture without manual intervention.

  • Add convenience. Smart controllers adapt to seasonal weather changes without requiring reprogramming. And their “set and forget” technology is perfect for complying with any local watering restrictions, as well as for managers that want to monitor there systems on a remote computer.

    You may be able to upgrade your current irrigation system with a smart controller. Some new components are designed for easy upgrades for existing systems.

    With the right water management choices and advanced landscape planning, commercial properties and owners can capitalize on lowering water costs while maintaining their landscaping in a "happy and green" condition. While Smart Controllers cannot solve all of your landscaping challenges, the new technology offers plenty of bang for the buck. Additionally, Smart Irrigation controllers will help reduce operating costs, while boosting a fresh new sustainable landscape.

Need help with your landscaping & water management?

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Regardless if you own or manage a Business Office Park, or have a Medical Office Campus, FloraTerra is very experienced in the area of commercial landscaping, let us help you with your next landscaping projects.

Smart Watering Solutions for Commercial Property Landscaping

FloraTerra  provides commercial landscaping services in and around the San Jose Bay Area, we design, install and maintain apartment and hoa landscaping , providing a complete range of landscaping and water management services. Some of our landscaping services include drought resistant landscaping and design, commercial landscape maintenance and irrigation systems repair. We serve a variety of markets including: Landscaping for Home Owners Associations, Commercial Property Managers, Retail Shopping Centers & Malls, Industrial R&D, Condominium Complex Landscaping, Public & Municipal Property and Multi-Residential Communities.

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