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5 Communication Tips for Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jun 12, 2017 8:11:00 AM


Focus on Communication

In the area of commercial landscape maintenance, we recognize that keeping the lines of communication open is instrumental for a solid long-term foundation. That’s why we have devised systems for transparency— and are constantly learning how to apply new ways that provide for better customer service for corporate landscaping services. At the end of the day, fair pricing and an established communication plan are essential drivers for delivering high quality landscape maintenance standards.


Setting The Expectation

How will the commercial lawn maintenance be supervised and how often? Do you have an internal auditing system for monitoring the quality of my landscape?  How will your trees be pruned and how often? Do you have a certified arborist that supervises the tree care or do you sub it out? What will happen when it rains, do your crews show up to maintain my site? How often is my irrigation system checked? All details are important.

Managing expectations in corporate landscaping settings is essential for long-term partnership, and it also means mitigating risk: identifying potential challenges and finding solutions before they become bigger problems, even if it’s a tough one. Communication must come regularly and requires participation from both sides.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for communication 


Tranparent communication

We live in a world filled with technology and information. So how do you prefer to communicate with your commercial lawn care service?

Decide on the method of communication up front with your commercial landscape company: via email, telephone/text, or a regular meeting onsite? Also, decide on the type of reports that you would like to have. The timing and occurrence of communication typically depends on the scope and frequency of your commercial landscape management — and, what your expectations are.

FloraTerra has an electronic work order system for simple service requests, budget requests and minor commercial lawn maintenance concerns that can be submitted electronically. Then, we can track the service request for completion and follow-up.

You can always be sure that all requests are tracked and monitored through our electronic system. Requests are expedited swiftly and channeled to the appropriate department, and our management staff is alerted electronically via email and text. It also ensures for a timely outcome. 

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