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6 Reasons Commercial Landscape Contractors like Sustainability

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on May 1, 2017 9:06:00 AM


Pro-active landscaping and maintenance practices that are an environmental concern for public health in apartment landscaping for example can provide a variety of advantages that cool the area around your office buildings or hoa community.

Sustainable Landscaping is Better for the Environment


  •          Reduce toxic chemicals
  •          Transform soil
  •          Reduce ground water pollution
  •          Attract wildlife
  •          Produce clean air


Sustainable landscaping encompasses a variety of practices that have been developed in response to environmental issues. These practices are used in every aspect of commercial landscaping, including commercial landscape design, construction, implementation and includes commercial landscape care .


A Bay area commercial landscape company can provide direction and advice on how to implement a sustainable landscape approach. They can help you reduce cost for corporate landscape services, outdoor water use in a variety of ways including; incorporating the use of recycled water if readily available in your area, the use of drought resistant plants into your landscape, the implementation of environmental friendly composting, etc., and many offer a selection of natural or synthetic products for your bay area landscape maintenance program,  for the maintenance of your trees, plants and flowers.


As a commercial landscape maintenance contractor, FloraTerra has worked with a variety of properties to promote and implement sustainable landscaping , some of which include; apartment communities, commercial office buildings, retail malls and HOA landscape maintenance. Our landscaping service helps to create a sustainable landscaping while lessening the impact on the environment.

 Here are 6 Tips that can help:


  1.       Reduce outdoor water use. With the past history of bay area drought conditions, implementing a sound water management program will eliminate water waste and help use it more efficiently. It can be as simple as hiring a commercial irrigation repair service and controlling the water, or it can be a more elaborate approach implementing the use of smart irrigation technology and converting high water use areas to drought tolerant plants and water efficient drip.
  2.       Choose the appropriate plant and location.  If a plant is positioned in an area on a residential apartment community for example, that is not properly positioned, it will not thrive, chances are it will not survive needing additional water and chemicals to combat pests etc.. A properly designed landscape will save you much headache, time and resources, requiring much less maintenance and  future cost replacements
  3.       Build a diverse healthy soil environment. A Healthy soil is a Happy soil, by Incorporating organic components into the soil promotes a healthy sustainable landscape providing a safe guard to drought, harmful pest and disease.
  4.        Recycle Green Waste. Reducing green waste such as lawn mower clippings and excess trimmings that would otherwise be sent to a local bay area landfill. Recycling nutrients through composting and grass cycling (grass recycling) reduces the need for pesticides and additional nitrogen based fertilizer.
  5.       Attract Nature. Studies have shown alarming declines in some song bird species and other wildlife affected by urban development. By providing food, cover, and water, property owners can make a significant impact in the survival and health of nature’s wild life.
  6.       Reduce runoff with storm water. By managing storm water runoff, responsible property owners can help prevent ground water pollution and erosion control,. Keeping storm water on-site contains groundwater supplies and can benefit natural habitats.

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