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5 HOA Landscape Service Trends

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Sep 25, 2018 6:55:00 AM


Late summer is a great time to plant trees, shrubs and even do some transplanting. Most HOA landscape service companies understand there are a few simple steps that must be taken in order to ensure success. Planting in the late winter still allows enough time for the plant materials establishment before the warm weather begins. “What is the best time to install new trees and plants one might ask? This is a common question that we get asked from property managers across the San Francisco Bay area that are anxious to get things started.

Some commercial landscape companies might argue that autumn is the best time to install new landscaping plants and trees alike: And that is correct because the temperatures are moderate allowing for trees and plants to acclimate during the winter cooler months. Even though we are at the tail end of the winter season doesn’t mean you can get started on your condominium landscape service. Keep the following advice in mind for your early spring landscaping project 

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Fall Planting — 5 HOA Landscape Service Trends

Preparing your plants for the future weather allows for improved growth.

Trees and plants are in a healthy state of well being if well planned prior to the new growth emerging next season. Planting in the off season can impede a plants ability to recover and adjust, consider planting while the weather is fair since it reduces the negative effects of severe weather patterns.

Preserve Moisture and Energy

When a tree or shrub is healthy, the action (growth) above ground is manageable. This allows the plant to focus its energy underground and into root development. One telltale sign of a stressed plant is when a tree sheds its leaves before winter, so preserving and maintaining moisture is important.


Plant the right plant to suite your properties needs

Landscape to suite your property by choosing plants that have low water requirements and will thrive in your local climate. A Commercial Lawn Service should consider your properties exact features, including sun and shade, dry and moisture intensive areas, plant size, and how you plan to use each section of your property.

Don’t plant to deep

A commercial landscape service must be certain that holes for trees are dug to the depth of the existing container or soil ball but not deeper. Holes should be 1 ½ to 2 times the diameter of the container or soil ball. Trees in containers sometimes have several layers of roots on the sides and bottom of the soil ball. Loosen roots or slice through them with a knife to redirect growth downward and outward rather than around and around. Trees should be planted at the same depth they are growing or slightly higher. Do not cover the top of the soil ball. It should be at the same level as the existing soil or up to an inch above.


Slow release Fertilizer can be incorporated as you fill the soil around the roots. Commercial property landscaping uses a general purpose fertilizer such as 16-16-16 or a slow water insoluble fertilizer. After planting, a one to two inch layer of bark dust or organic compost can be added on top to act as mulch. Weed barrier fabric can be applied before the mulch if desired. Make Sure your landscape maintenance company digs the hole Is wide enough to place the plant.

The hole should be at least a foot or two wider than the size of the root system. This extra space around the roots will allow them to get established a little easier, which is even more critical if the soil is poor.


With a commercial landscaping service, they understand new plants and trees need frequent irrigation during their first growing season. Light sprinkling will not reach the full depth of the root system. Place a soil mound in a circle to create a basin to retain water. Fill the basin at least an inch or two deep each time you irrigate. Water every 2 to 3 days for the first two weeks and once a week for the first summer. If trees are planted in an area with sprinkler irrigation, supplement with deep watering periodically.

When Is the Best Time to do your planting? Call a landscaping expert who knows.

As a commercial landscape contractor, FloraTerra can answer all of your landscaping questions throughout this year’s season. If your property is ten or more years old, chances are your plants are overcrowding one another and may need some relocation and transplanting. Now is a great time to perform these commercial landscaping projects to revitalize your landscaping appearance.

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