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Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Apr 13, 2021 5:30:00 AM

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There can be no doubt that the past year has created challenges for us all unlike anything we have ever known. As the world has experienced being collectively trapped within our places of residence, opportunities to escape into green spaces have become a cherished relief, and we have been able to reflect on the value of the outdoors.

Read on.

As the once strong grip of the pandemic loosens, commercial landscape services have become more relevant than ever.

According with HOUZZ , an online destination designed for the convenience of homeowners that are seeking contractors, outdoor living spaces have surged as an important element of a desirable way of life, and a popular tonic amongst urbanites, communities and professionals alike.

A window into nature—be it small or large—provides fresh outdoor air and room to rejuvenate. Whether studying, playing or simply unwinding, there is simply no better space to improve one's well-being in the process.

Gene Ebertowski, President of FloraTerra Landscape Management, tells us: “I believe that the pandemic has created a reality of fresh awareness that outdoor living spaces are more valuable than ever before, especially during the pandemic.”

Within his wisdom in mind, here are some exciting and inspiring trends that we are seeing blossom as the world begins to unfurl once more.

Are you ready to feel revitalized by the great outdoors?

  1. Environmentally Friendly Garden Spaces

We are experiencing a trend for more nature-friendly green spaces in our residential landscape design business.

Although traditional HOA landscape management has always been popular, they have historically been expensive to maintain. We are finding that traditional HOA lawns used in conjunction with efficient irrigation and water-wise plant designs that are scaled proportionately, provide cool, lush and nostalgically romantic areas of space.

More than ever before, we are finding that artistic landscape designers are asked to make use of every square foot of a property—particularly in smaller urban type properties—and even Multi-family - HOA landscape services are finding such an abundant approach to be an absolute essential.

For example, outdoor entertainment spaces could include a more bio-diverse environment that attract an array of beneficials such as hummingbirds, butterflies and pollinators. Flora that draws lady beetle insects, green lacewings, dragon flies, praying mantises, and earthworms that enrich our soil are certainly a trend to embrace.

  1. Edible Gardens

Another trend in HOA Landscape Design that we are delighted to see flourish is that of edible gardens. Such bountiful green spaces include the incorporation of organic grown vegetables, herbs used for culinary use and flowers that add visual interest, fragrance and color.

Herbs and fruit trees that we use are sourced through Monrovia Nursery : Some include; Barbeque Rosemary, Sweet Bay, and Tri- Color Sage , Green Globe Artichokes , Angel Red Pomegranate, Moro Blood Orange, Bearss Seedless Lime, and Black Jack Fig.

The types of gardens that nourish the culinary palette—as well as the aesthetic one—are best situated in bright sunny locations that receive at least six hours of sun light per day.

These green spaces are generally connected with natural gravel pathways that conveniently meander in close proximity to outdoor kitchens, barbeque islands and patios that are becoming popular in residential landscape design.

  1. Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces

Many trade associations are seeing an upward trend in indoor and outdoor living spaces. According with NKBA, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, there are a multitude of outdoor living features that are stealing the spotlight and are on the rise.

Some features they are seeing include custom built structures such as patios, shade canopies, outdoor culinary kitchens, authentic wood fire pizza ovens, and stone veneered fire places.

More often than not, adding shade to an outdoor living space adds comfort and particular aspiration; This can be as simple as an open beam pergola for needed shade, or an elaborate structure with patio furnishings.

As with most architecture, it’s important that you partner with an artistic landscape designer who can create and build unique outdoor spaces that will enhance and compliment your existing landscape and structures.

A well planned and executed space of this nature will provide privacy, tranquility and relaxation. Patio and pathways can further enrich outdoor living areas with naturally colorful stone, tile, and masonry—all serving as an organic extension of your living space.

Pavers and stone provide the same durability as traditional concrete, and they come in a variety of earth tones that complement your outdoor architecture. Exceptional landscape designers will specify the highest quality stone and paver material, giving you functional, livable outdoor space.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of bringing an outdoor living space to life is selecting the right talent and materials. From architects to artisans and craftsmen, skilled professionals can design, construct, and build magnificent outdoor sanctuaries that will reward for years to come.

  1. Providing A Feast for The Senses

The soothing sounds of nature and intoxicating fragrance of perfumed plants add further dimensions to the enjoyment of outdoor areas.

We have discovered that—although water features have always been a popular component of fine gardens—we are noticing a trend towards smaller but unique water gardens that reserve your green space for outdoor entertainment venues.

We are seeing concrete and hardscape reduced in proportion to softscape such as plants, ground cover, evergreens and trees.

Amongst the sumptuous aromas of flowering trees, an interesting balance of foliage, color and texture completes a multi-sensory experience. In addition, the natural sound of running water provides relaxation, further elevating your outdoor living experience.

  1. Private Gardens That Are Created to Serve

The formal style gardens favored in the past once required substantial labor for mowing expansive lawns.

While gardening equipment has undoubtedly vastly improved since such gardens were the height of vogue, noise-polluting power equipment for maintaining these formal-type gardens is less than trendy these days—even more so in the midst of pandemics, global weather change and drought.

The gardens à la mode of today include low maintenance outdoor environments that are colorful, fragrant and drought friendly.

Unique garden spaces that serve purpose and create a sanctuary away from the world are being preferentially embraced.

For privacy screening, informal plants provide vertical interest, not to mention color throughout the seasons. Regardless of global warming or drought, a professional landscape designer can provide interesting colors, vertical ambiance and layered textures—even within our post pandemic era of challenge.

In shady areas for example, we are using burgundy flowering Hydrangeas, white flowering azaleas and evergreen Camellias with interesting palettes of pink.

For small trees we use burgundy or green colored Japanese Maples that add further contrast to the unique garden spaces. For sunny areas, according to the expertise of Monrovia Nursery, Euphorbia Characias provides a lime-colored foliage in early spring, while a backdrop of Artemisia Powis Castle adds a stunning silver-grey contrast. Incorporating evergreen foliage not only provides consistent neutral coverage 360 days per year, but it also adds privacy wherever desired.

  1. Native-Type Gardens

In light of the challenges posed by the evolving bay area climate, native-type gardens have become all the more valuable. Native-type gardens use less of our resource outputs, and are resilient to global weather change and drought conditions.

As we progress into the future, it is increasingly apparent that decision makers will support sustainability by redefining traditional landscaping of the past—moving into sustainable eco-friendly landscaping that will not only survive but thrive with minimal care.

In past years, bio-diversity has slowly eroded with the use of traditional landscaping such as high-maintenance lawns, labor intensive plants, and pest-prone ground covers. Promisingly, such landscaping is now a fading memory of the past.

Forward-thinking Landscape Design Company in San Carlos Ca include Artscape’s, they are recreating and replacing traditional landscape methods with a plethora of native species and designs that attract beneficial creatures such as native birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and praying mantis—a positive contribution to our planet earth.

  1. Boosting Aesthetics with Outdoor Lighting

The potential offered by marvelous outdoor lighting design cannot be overstated; there are a multitude of ways to elevate your outdoor living experience through illumination.

Resplendent architectural features can be highlighted and an alluring ambiance can be instantly manifested. Carefully positioned up-lights capture the nighttime loveliness of unique trees while introducing depth and stunning visual interest.

More importantly, a professional lighting system is an investment that increases property value as it enhances outdoor aesthetics.

Whether your idea of a great evening is having dinner under the stars or sharing drinks with family and friends by a bonfire, the right lighting can reflect your vision while creating a warm welcoming atmosphere.

When you reach the front of your home, a well illuminated entrance sets the tone for the stunning outdoor experience that awaits. In addition, a quality outdoor lighting system makes every step even better, especially after dark.

Exquisite lighting helps to augment functionality within outdoor spaces, illuminating leisure areas, entry ways, pathways—including around pools—patios, fountains and decks.

Besides creating landscape appeal, outdoor lighting provides safe navigation through the landscape at night, illuminating passage across changes in elevation.

And of course, we cannot forget the security element; the appropriate lighting system will illuminate dark spots, and tasteful but well-lit space always safeguards against potential intruders.

Whether you require assistance in realizing the perfect lighting for your outdoor areas, the edible garden of your dreams or a fresh update of your outdoor architectural elements—or any of the other treasures on our list of outdoor trends for 2021—our commercial landscape service includes a dedicated team of experts that are here to help.

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FloraTerra and its affiliates are based in the Silicon Valley area. As a leading commercial landscape company, FloraTerra specializes in multi-building developments, since its origin, our company and its partners have designed, built and maintain some of the most prestigious commercial developments throughout the Santa Clara County, Bay Area.


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