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The Stones Are Back In Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Service

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Oct 4, 2017 9:22:00 AM


The Stones are back in the bay area, they are especially being seen in and around our commercial landscape maintenance service. They are out performing many, especially for their consistent ability to meet the demands of their audience. 

If you manage an apartment complex, homeowners association or commercial building, consider using these popular rock stars for your next commercial landscape installation project.


A Decorative Celebrity that will Rock Your World!

Walls made of stone are making a come back in the bay area, and can also help stabilize a hillside mitigating the potential for soil erosion. Stone walls not only look great but can be functional as well.

Stepping Stone Patterns

Many landscape maintenance contractors includes the placement of stones can provide a pathway to other parts of your property, for example a seating area or private court yard. If you’re not into the natural look, you can choose to use synthetic stone material that is square, round or rectangular, stepping stones can be used to create a more symmetrical pattern (a circular pattern looks unique and pleasing to the eye).


Decorative boulders for accenting the Landscape

Oversize Rock can be used in the landscape for accenting purposes. They could also provide a natural setting for softening the effects of grasses or perennials. Rocks are functional and used in many different ways including a natural seat wall or a natural bench.

Our Commercial Landscape Company understand the importance of utilizing rocks that fit well into the landscaping not being over powering. One size doesn’t fit all; the size might vary between 250-500 lbs. that is proportional to its space. That could mean, choosing the size that best fits into its area.


Crushed gravel Installed by a Commercial Landscape Company

Substrate gravel is functional and pleasing to the eye. Decorative gravel conforms well to most areas providing a sustainable natural surface. Decompose granite or substrates used for path ways can be cost effective compared to traditional concrete pavement. Gravel also provides drainage properties, helping water to percolate down and flow away unlike traditional concrete that puddles.

Gravel for mulch

Gravel mulch is becoming a popular trend for many reasons, it is especially being used by commercial landscape maintenance companies that are reducing their clients water costs. Decorative gravel mulch holds up well to high foot traffic areas, is colorful and provides a durable pathway surface compared with traditional wood mulch. Gravel can be used in Parking Lot Island planters, in shopping centers, and is frequently used in locations where plants can’t grow. Gravel mulch comes in a variety of colors, sizes and textures making it very versatile and interesting.

Leave It to a Commercial Landscape Contractor

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