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Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Dec 29, 2020 6:15:00 AM

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A Commercial Landscaping Service That Offers Tremendous Advantage for Businesses and Their Surrounding Space

A thick lush lawn feels great to walk on, textured foliage adds immediate interest, and flowers perfume the surrounding air – the fragrance of a sweet olive tree, for example, adds a delightful element of surprise.

But did you know that an aesthetically pleasing landscape offers far more than the visual aspect alone?

Many invest in a commercial landscaping service to boost the aesthetic appeal of their properties, but they may not be aware of the other rewards that benefit them, and their neighborhood, in the process. If you are curious to explore the superpowers of beautiful green spaces, read on.

A Plethora of Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of a commercial landscape maintenance service are powerful, and provide local population the experience of living in a more vibrant, healthy, and comfortable environment.

You may be surprised to learn that grass, plants, and trees all act together as a natural “air conditioner”, reducing outside temperatures.

Alongside shade creation, this happens thanks to a natural mechanism called evapotranspiration. When compared with asphalt, cement, or even bare soil, landscaped areas can reduce surrounding temperatures by as much as 20-45 degrees Fahrenheit.

More importantly, as we all experience in the midst of Bay Area summer – is a huge difference in terms of comfort!

What's more, luscious and well-tended lawns act as a protective shield for local waterways. Unhealthy water runoff, all too often experienced within urban settings, is absorbed by the resilient structure that root systems and foliage create.

Furthermore, a commercial landscaping company can help in many ways. For example, when new landscaping is designed and installed appropriately, it offers an impressive secondary function in stopping contaminants in their tracks, that would otherwise pollute our storm water, underground waterways, and oceans.

Nature's Own Air Filter

Many of us like the idea of having an air filter running in our home or work environment, but did you know that you can enjoy air filtration outside too?

You don't need to buy an expensive device – but rather, the best outdoor air filters are landscaped!

Lawns, shrubs, and trees capture and absorb dust, smoke, and other unwelcome particles in the air, so we don't have to breathe them in.

Meanwhile, all of that beautiful green foliage is busy soaking up carbon dioxide and converting it into fresh usable oxygen. Are you wondering how much difference this can really make?

Astonishingly, a 50’x50’ lawn can produce enough oxygen for a family of four!

A Buffer for Noise Pollution

Our modern, busy lifestyles often mean living and working within environments that are constantly filled with noise. From traffic sounds to emergency sirens, motorized equipment, and the usual hum of people going about their daily lives, we sometimes forget how much our senses are accommodating!

Science suggests that some noises can trigger a stress response, increasing the stress hormone cortisol within our bodies. The lawns, trees, and planted areas that can be provided by a trusted landscape service offer a natural buffer against such noise pollution.

In fact, that attractive green space can help to suppress surrounding noise by as much as 20-30%.

A More Drought Resilient Eco System

When we think about drought, plants that need water to survive may seem like a counter-intuitive solution but, in reality, they offer just the properties that can help forge drought resilience.

This is because landscaped spaces act as nature's own sponge, trapping water and organic matter where it falls. This powerful combination allows a thriving miniature eco system to develop within the green spaces your landscape service maintains, which in turn serves the wider eco system at large.

A dense layer of plants and mulch acts as a guardian to the soil beneath, holding nutrients where plants can use them, rather than allowing them to contribute to septic overload elsewhere.

It also protects against erosion, saving roads, streams, and lakes from sediment, alongside reducing danger of flooding, mudslides, and dust storms.

Psychological Rewards In Green Spaces

A fascinating report compiled by researchers Kathleen Wolf and Elizabeth Housley drew together a spectacular body of scientific evidence for the benefits of landscaping in urban environments.

According with the national library of medicine, some revealed that those living and working within areas incorporating lush outdoor space enjoy the environmental benefits of lush landscaping.

Not only that, other studies suggest participants reported lower anxiety, lower medical costs, and enhanced quality of life.

Research from the University of Michigan added to these credentials by illuminating yet more bodily benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, lower stress, improved memory, and even increased longevity.

Such studies reveal that walking or reading in serene landscaped spaces – even within a populated city environment – offers behavioral, wellness and cognitive benefits that we can all appreciate!

According to Gwen Dewar, PH.D. of parenting science “Green spaces can have a protective effect on our mental well-being. We're quicker to recover from stress, and less likely to experience depression. Kids grow up with fewer psychiatric problems”. 


As you can see, choosing to invest in a commercial landscaping service means making an investment is much more than the visual aspects of your property.

The ways in which attractive green areas elevate the experience of everyone within and around them are bountiful, and well worth factoring when planning how to get the best from outdoor spaces.

We take great pride in creating dreamscapes that sustain our environment, improve health, and your bottom line.

If you are ready to explore new possibilities for your property, contact Flora Terra for more information about our commercial landscaping services.

Call 408. 275.1200 or Click Here to connect with our team today!


FloraTerra and its affiliates are based in San Jose, California.  As a leading HOA landscape maintenance contractor in San Jose Ca. FloraTerra specializes in multi-family developments, since its origin the company and its affiliates have installed and maintain some of the most prestigious communities throughout the Silicon Valley, Metro area.


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