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10 Emerging Grasses used by a Commercial Lawn Maintenance Service

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Jun 21, 2017 9:24:00 AM


10 GrassTrends used by a  Commercial Lawn Maintenance Service

Low Maintenance drought resistant and appealing to the eye. What property manager or owner wouldn’t want to get those qualities out of their commercial landscaping service — at the same time? One way to achieve your goal is through the appropriate design and use of drought resistant landscaping.

Today, drought tolerant grasses are gaining popularity and demand for their low maintenance qualities, including their low water use and pest free benefits. Available in multiple colors, textures and sizes, they are also appealing for corporate and apartment landscaping. When used appropriately, your commercial landscape maintenance will benefit from the year around interest provided, can be used as accents or ground cover, and can even in raised decorative containers. 

A Commercial Landscape Service That Uses Drought Tolerant Grasses

One of the advantages of incorporating drought resistant and ornamental landscaping in your commercial landscape service goes far beyond water savings. If you are interested in sustainable drought resistant commercial landscaping while improving visual impact and sustainability on your property, you should consider your options with grasses and drought resistant landscaping.

A Landscape Management Service That Mitigates Soil Erosion 

If you are considering your options in the area of commercial lawn maintenance, some services are making reccomendations to replace traditional lawn in difficult areas to mow, for example, bio swales or steep terrain that is hard to access you may consider the benefits of using ornamental grasses as a low maintenance drought proof alternatives. Some of the benefits include stabilizing the soil with the deep roots provided by these grasses which help to mitigate soil movement.

Natural barriers and privacy are used by an HOA Landscape Service

Some of the grasses available in the bay area are considered moderate to fast growing, and can reach variable heights of up to 6 feet tall. This versatility makes it practical for creating a natural privacy barrier in the landscape — this type of landscaping provides wind protection and creates privacy for court yard patios and other common area uses.


Foot traffic deterant reduces Shopping Center Landscape Service

In shopping centers, most commercial landscape service's are constantly challenged by trampled foot traffic caused by pedestrian short cutting, these striking ornamental grasses can help mitigate and redirect foot traffic as a natural deterrent that would otherwise become your next landscaping project. We realize that some curb side areas or ornamental borders on your property are constantly challenged with foot traffic, short cutting and vehicle damage. Drought resistant grasses can be stunning and resilient in these types of applications, especially if your property has been previously challenged in past years. Some of these plant species and grasses will also bring a new look to your property adding visual interest and color throughout the entire year.  

Raised decorative planters in Apartment Landscaping

Ornamental grasses can be used as accent plantings in apartment landscaping by incorporating them into small scale groups or for that special corner area at a sparse wall for instance, the foliage movement can bring appealing interest to large scale commercial landscaping.  

Landscape Drought restrictions in the bay area

If you are interested in the new compliance for water conservation, grasses can be a beneficial alternative to traditional flowers, especially for those commercial property managers interested in regulating their water use, ornamental grasses are resilient and adaptable without serious repercussions or danger to your plants health. They are also resistant to the hot summer heat and perform much better than most decorative flower plantings. The same holds true for cold, dry winter weather.

Pest management and low impact landscape maintenance

Historically, ornamental grasses have performed well without much need for pest and disease or landscape maintenance. These grasses are resilient and resistant to most of the common bay area pest problems; this means grasses won’t require much maintenance at all, pest control or supplemental fertilization, contributing to a healthier sustainable environment.

A Corporate Landscape Service that provides visual interst all year

The low maintenance characteristics of most of the grass varieties bring commercial landscaping popularity all season long, particularly in the colder months. Depending on your goal, ornamental plants are readily available in different colors, sizes and varieties some come in red tones, pink and come in varies shapes. These grasses also provide a billowy movement in the air which is quiet relaxing to listen to if you need some moments of quiet time or relaxation.

10 Decorative Grasses For Your Corporate Property Landscaping

So what are some popular, drought tolerant ornamental grass varieties for your Corporate and Commercial Landscaping? Here are TEN to consider.

  • Fountain Grass (Pennisetum fireworks)

  • Blue Fescue (Festuca ovina glauca)

  • Dianella tasmanica variegata

  • Chondropetalum tectorum

  • Elymus C.Canyon Prince

  • Carex Hachioensis Evergold

  • Carex Tumulicola

  • Juncus Grass Elk Blue

  • Stipa Tenuissima

  • Phormium Jack Sprat

Need a Commercial Landscape Management Company?

Need drought resistant landscaping, visual interest, water wise irrigation and fast fill-ins for that perfect spot in the landscape?, it’s easy to find a good spot for ornamental grasses in your commercial landscape design plans. Take a leap towards sustainability and water conservation and call us.

If you are interested in drought resistant sustainable landscaping, give FloraTerra Landscape Management a call at 408.275.1200 and we will setup a convenient time to discuss your needs.

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