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5 Commercial Landscape Service Trends That Save!

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Sep 9, 2017 9:07:00 AM

Desert Landscaping – Save water and enjoy a clean look 

Rather than wasting effort, money and water turning a desert into a green garden, it’s more fruitful (and wise) to consider desert landscaping. It’s a stunning new concept that’s fast catching on among Bay Area Landscaping. The spectacular looks and low-water requirements are a winning proposition.  

Let’s review some of the advantages of desert landscaping and how to benefit from them.


You can create your very own oasis with the help of an established bay area landscaping service that promotes native plants and reduces maintenance costs. 

Desert landscaping can be used in HOA landscaping and has a strikingly neat and clean appearance and it significantly reduces your water requirements. Now who can resist water savings in the desert regions of California? 

What is desert landscaping? 

Desert landscaping can be used for commercial landscape management (and homeowner association landscaping), its the answer to creating a beautiful and outdoor space with scare water resources. It works very well in our desert-type climate and growing conditions. You also get irresistible curb appeal using local plants that can survive these harsh conditions. Attractive stones and landscape features can be valuable adornments. Try it! 

5  AmazingTrends To Consider For a Commercial Landscape Service

  • Amazing color choices: Red, orange and yellow replace your traditional greens and blues producing an attractive riot of color. Add cacti if you must have green. There is a variety of plants to choose from so you don’t need to feel constrained. 
  • Eye-catching hardscapes and lighting: Desert landscaping is just spectacular when you include different colored and textured stones, artistic landscapes and dramatic lighting. 
  • Conserving water: Water is a scarcity and very precious. Desert landscaping has amazingly low water requirements. You won’t have to stress about over-watering or exceeding your quota and paying penalties. 
  • Many design options: If you’re the kind that must include water and grass, then consider a small water feature that recycles water instead of a pool and a small patch of grass to satisfy your lawn craving. 
  • Less maintenance and significant savings: By using native plants and reducing grass cover (or plants that need lots of water) you will enjoy significant savings for lower landscape maintenance costs. And you don’t have to compromise on the overall look of your commercial landscape service. 

Desert landscaping has a unique appeal and attractiveness. Moreover it makes the best of your natural resources and preserves the environment. All you need is an experienced California landscape management company to design, install and maintain your commercial desert landscape. 

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