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Choosing the Right Mulch to Transform Your Commercial Landscaping

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Dec 5, 2023 6:00:00 AM


Have you been missing out on one of the best-kept secrets in modern commercial landscape design? Demand for packaged mulch and other ground coverings used in lawn and garden applications is projected to rise 3.0% over the coming year to $760 million in 2024. This trend reflects the unbeatable value that mulching can provide, both in terms of reducing water usage and minimizing maintenance costs.

As certified EPA WaterSense partners and impassioned specialists in drought tolerant landscape design, we are always keen to share the advantages of this gloriously simple and attractive landscaping tactic.

For example, did you know that mulch can reduce evaporation from soil by up to 70 percent? That means dramatic reductions on your monthly water bills, which we're sure you'll agree is a reward that any commercial property owner or manager will be keen to leverage!

Choosing the Right Mulching Option For Your Commercial Landscape Design

Alongside offering outstanding capacity to reduce water usage and suppress weed growth, the right mulch should also add to the aesthetic value of your commercial landscaping, boosting the impression that it makes on customers, residents, or visitors along the way.

We love installing sustainable mulching options, and among these there are numerous possibilities that can be selected to best align with your personal preferences and budgetary goals. Read on to discover the favorite mulch solutions often harnessed by this water-saving FloraTerra team of San Jose CA Commercial Landscapers.


Wood Chip Mulch for Natural Landscape Design

Wood chip mulch is the most affordable option for commercial landscaping and offers excellent value thanks to its natural and elegantly colored aesthetic. Of course, wood is a diverse material, and property owners can choose between hues that span from tan to near-black mahogany.

Wood chip mulch holds water well, which can be an added bonus in the powerful Bay Area sunshine. It is important to note that wood chip mulch will break down over time. While this does mean that it needs to be periodically replaced, this mulch type will also serve as an instant compost, nourishing plants as it decomposes.

Cobblestone Mulch for Statement Landscapes

Cobblestones are not only useful for pathways, water features, and edging beds. They can also be used as a striking statement mulch material that adds structural stability and minimizes soil erosion.

Cobblestones can be sourced in a variety of colors and sizes. This option is more expensive than woodchip, but pleasingly represents a single investment. Keep in mind, however, that a weed barrier will need to be placed beneath a cobblestone mulch because the soft-edged stones will allow enough light to reach the soil for weeds to germinate.

Recycled Rubber Mulch

Recycled rubber mulch serves as a fun conversation starter that will certainly boost the green credentials of your community or commercial site. Recycled rubber is processed into chips that provide a similar aesthetic to that of woodchips, however, this material won't break down over time.

Rubber mulch offers excellent soil protection, both in terms of weed suppression and minimizing evaporation. It is also highly resistant to cut-through foot traffic and a friendly option in areas where kids might take a tumble.

Decomposed Granite Mulch

Decomposed granite is among the more expensive mulching options, but it does offer a unique appeal, making it popular for landscaped commercial properties. For example, it provides an attractive contrast to plants and other natural materials and compacts well between stepping stones.

As is the case with most mulch types, a weed barrier is a good idea beneath granite mulch in locations where perennial weed roots are prone to taking hold. While pleasant underfoot, decomposed granite can get stuck in shoes and travel, making top-dressing a good idea when this material is used in high-traffic areas.

Turn to FloraTerra and Claim the Rewards of Mulch for Your Commercial Landscape

Does one of the above mulch types appeal to you in particular? If so, your trusted and affordable commercial landscaping company will be able to quickly assess the site at hand and recommend the perfect mulching strategy to ensure that your investment serves beautifully for as long as possible.

FloraTerra Landscape Management is a commercial maintenance landscape company proudly serving San Jose, Ca and San Mateo County. We offer a full array of services, including installing mulch for landscape beds and low-maintenance drought resilient plant types for your commercial landscaping. So, why not get in touch today? Our team is ready to provide a quote or answer any questions you may have about our services.

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FloraTerra and our affiliates are conveniently based throughout the greater bay area. As a leading commercial landscape company, we specialize in homeowners associations, condominiums, corporate campus developments, commercial office, retail centers and common interest developments.

Since 1998, our company and partners have installed and maintain some of the most prestigious commercial developments throughout the Silicon Valley.


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