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5 Communication Trends That Will Move You!

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jul 30, 2019 7:01:00 AM

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5 Trends for better communication with your Bay Area Landscaping Company

In order to get what you want from your commercial landscape company, you must communicate with them.  Everyone has an idea of what they want their property to look like as well as expectations of the company that is providing their service on a regular basis. FloraTerra Landscape Management takes these queues to heart, so how do you communicate them?

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Trend #1: Know your expectations:

It’s easier to communicate with your commercial landscape service if you know what your expectations are and what your final outcome should be. Drive around neighboring properties or get some ideas on the internet.  Ask your colleagues or business associates what services they have procured from there landscape provider. Being prepared is 90% solved and will help you get what you want every time!

Trend #2: Know your assigned account manager:

At FloraTerra, every property type including, commercial office, retail or hoa community has an assigned Account Manager that is in charge of each property. This main point of contact is responsible for meeting our customer’s needs. Not knowing your main point of contact can cause your time to be wasteful and a frustrating experience.  Ask your commercial gardening service who their main point of contact is. 

Trend #3: Know your scope of work:

FloraTerra is a commercial grounds maintenance company, we have the flexibility to customize your scope and service to meet your needs. Our scope of work is concise and spells out exactly what is included. If you are not sure what is included, ask for the scope of work and the appropriate frequency schedule.

Trend #4: Know when to provide timely feedback:

Communication is a two way street. Have an open communication dialogue on what is honestly working and what isn't.  Your assigned Account Manager should be contacting you on a quarterly basis to discuss your commercial property landscape services and what is being done to improve your property. This is the most appropriate time to discuss your concerns and have an open conversation about your landscaping. At FloraTerra, we take your feedback seriously and will communicate your concerns with our personnel. 

Trend #5: Know How to Communicate and Discuss Your Concerns:

This is the most appropriate time to discuss and share your concerns, providing timely feedback. Have an open conversation with your corporate & commercial landscaper . At FloraTerra, we take your feedback seriously and will communicate your concerns with our personnel. 

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