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A Commercial Landscape Service That Has a Plan For Those Pesky Weeds

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Oct 18, 2017 9:51:00 AM

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A Commercial Landscape Service That Boosts Property Value


Pre-emergent Weed Control

A commercial landscape service includes a pre-emergent weed control as part of there seasonal planning, especially because it ensures that your commercial lawn service is being managed correctly, always being vibrant and healthy. Weeds rob your grass, plants, trees and shrubs of essential nutrients from the soil. Preventative treatments are the most effective and efficient methods of weed control.

Spring is the best time for a commercial landscaping service to apply pre-emergents.  Persistent weeds like crab grass germinate from seeds and flourish with each irrigation. Having an experienced landscape management company to administer timely applications before germination will prevent weeds from taking over your beautiful garden and destroying your plants.

What can a commercial landscape maintenance company do to help?

  • Identifying your weed problems as well as the specific treatments for them.
  • Core aeration to remedy soil compaction and break up thatch, to ensure absolute effectiveness of pre-emergent weed treatments.
  • Timely and precise application of weed treatments to ground cover (especially if you have had a crab grass problem in the past) and bare soil to prevent germination, as well as re-occurrence.

Pre-emergent weed control is used by most HOA Landscape Service companies, its more than applying an off-the-shelf treatment, It involves experience in dealing with the different weeds, knowing which treatments are effective and administrating the exact amounts at the right time. Call an experienced commercial lawn service that will take on the responsibility of your pre-emergent weed control.

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