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Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jul 9, 2019 5:07:00 AM

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What is your commercial landscape service doing to reduce water consumption on your property? In the bay area, although we have received significant rainfall last winter, water costs are still high.The California’s Department of Water Resources suggests businesses and residences state wide to manage there water despite the fact that we have a good supply of it, the cost of water will continue to rise in California. Here are some ways you can help to conserve water usage in and around your commercial property.

5 Water Conservation TIPS for Your Corporate Property

Repair plumbing leaks!

A recent study found that nearly 20 percent of the water used in buildings is lost due to leaks or inefficient plumbing fixtures including broken sprinkler heads and irrigation. Have your commercial lawn maintenance team regularly inspect, repair and upgrade equipment that is defective, broken or inefficient such as plumbing leaks, toilets, exterior faucets, and commercial landscapers check your sprinkler irrigation equipment.

Close the car wash station.

Reduce your property’s water consumption by encouraging tenants or residents to take their car to a professional car washing facility that recycles their water. While car wash stations are a convenience for the staff and community residence, it’s not properly setup for recycling water and the proper discharge of soapy water.

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Create Public Awareness and Educate your People.

Make your Water Management message transparent by posting and distributing a memo to better educate both staff and tenants on what they can do to contribute towards water conservation. Set goals and monitor the progress. A good way to get everyone involved and on the same page is to share ideas on how everyone can contribute in the area of water consumption, so keep tenants and employees apprised on the result of their conservation efforts!

Internal Communication Helps

Many commercial landscape maintenance companies in the Bay Area have done their due diligence in posting notices prohibiting the use of lawn watering. It’s important to communicate any changes in water use regulations with your landscaping vendors in order to stay within compliance and within budget. Irrigation Water Management can be achieved through a joint effort with everyone contributing. Another consideration might be to have your staff to use leaf blowers to clean concrete walk ways, parking lots, and other common areas instead of washing them down with clean tap water. If you must resort to using water, be sure to invest in a water-conserving automatic-shutoff device.

Retrofit your landscaping irrigation with high-efficiency fixtures.

If you’re willing to make a larger commitment, consider teaming up with your commercial landscaping company to reduce building-wide water consumption, install high-efficiency sprinkler heads and smart watering technology for immediate water savings. The number one item contributing to commercial water consumption is lawns. Water usage can be significantly reduced by updating old irrigation equipment, spray heads, and controllers with low-flow and smart watering technology.

Contact our company for our commercial evaluation and audit. We can provide you with a complete seasonal water conservation guide that includes a water budget and water management services.

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