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Commercial Landscape Service Trends That Are Blossoming in 2022

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Jan 18, 2022 6:30:00 AM

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For commercial real estate developers, HOA communities, and property managers alike, recent seasons have been laced with the unexpected. However, as so many commercial enterprises had to adapt to the pandemic era—and we each spent more time at home— the challenges to emerge across 2020 and 2021 have carried with them an unexpected silver lining. Slowing down, reappraising, and taking stock of what matters has allowed us each to delve into the details of the every-day and appreciate the finer intricacies of life.

Within the realm of landscaping, this has translated into a delightfully thoughtful attention to detail. Environmentally friendly practices seem to be enjoying a new reverence, while green spaces are being created that are perfect to inhabit and enjoy—rather than simply rush past! While the less-welcome impacts of this precarious period may take some time to fully fade away, we can hope that some of the following commercial landscaping trends are now with us to stay. Which of these practices will your commercial landscaping contractor be adopting in the months to come?

Landscaping for the Senses

When we pause to enjoy a green space, there are so many more opportunities to delight the senses than the visual aspects of color and texture alone. As such, an array of fantastically fragrant plants—each offering superb robustness within the bay area climate

—are seeing an increase in popularity. For appropriate sites such as HOA communities or business premises with on-site dining, the addition of edible plants can create a charmingly interactive environment.

Fragrant plants can be strategically placed adjacent to entryways, patios, and frequented pathways, creating an evocative and memorable impression that is certain to last. The layering of vertical interest, flow, color, foliage, and fragrance can transform landscaped areas into a stimulating and inspiring resource, that is always only a short stroll away.

Meanwhile, edible gardens ready to be delved into by the culinary enthusiast can provide a welcome lift to corporate campuses, wining and dining venues—and many more property types!

Transforming Outdoor Spaces into Living Art

Landscaped areas can do so much more than introduce a splash of green into the backdrop of the day's comings and goings. An artistic pergola with thoughtfully applied lighting and flowering vines can create a unique space that all can enjoy. Vertical gardens deliver aesthetic beauty while softening noise pollution. The presence of water features provides opportunity for repose and restoration, in between the hectic demands of modern living.

The positive impacts of art scaping range from stress relief and therapeutic mood enhancement through to boosted social cohesion and collaboration. With such a plethora of positivity on offer, it comes as no surprise that property developers are embracing the opportunity to provide landscape-sourced prosperity for their clients and residents.

Letting Nature Take the Lead

Where urban and corporate settings within the bay area have historically experienced nutrient deprived soils, 2021 is seeing a refreshing increase in restorative practices.

Mulching and composting bolsters soil fertility, while the application of compost teas and the use of pollinator-friendly indigenous plants makes for low-maintenance and abundantly buzzing urban ecosystems. Healthier soil offers better water retention, which—when combined with other green trends—helps to reduce property carbon footprints. These factors together can also play a vital role when aspiring towards LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and a public perception of eco- friendliness.

Working with the distinct bay area environment—rather than against it—through the use of drought tolerant landscape design and innovative xeriscaping, allows the reduction and, in certain cases, elimination of the need for supplemental water. Broadly speaking, such practices can allow potential water savings of as much as 40-50%, as well as a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides.

Getting Smart About Green Spaces

Commercial and HOA landscape companies who are paying attention will know that the technology waiting to be harnessed in contemporary landscape design is leaps and bounds beyond that which was standard only a few short years ago. Today's smart watering systems offer automatic weather tracking and self-monitoring devices—while delivering precision irrigation for healthier deep-rooted and resilient plants.

Low or zero emission equipment and vehicles come with the added benefit of dramatic noise reduction. For corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, and multi-family communities, near-silent hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers are a welcome bonus indeed. Speaking of these low-impact devices, Gene of Flora Terra explains: “We strive to lessen our carbon footprint, and it continues to be a fundamental part of our business model.” The question is, will you strive for the same priority on your property too?

Landscaping With Climate Change in Mind

For those living and working within the bay area, we have all seen first-hand how changes to climate patterns can impact our local landscaping. Framed by this knowledge, those with an eye to be greener in 2021 are also motivated by safeguarding the future resilience of their properties. Making this shift even more appealing, rebates are available to certain qualifying parties who collaborate with commercial landscape contractors in the installation of water-wise landscapes, and efficient drip irrigation systems.

As fire safety also becomes a more dominant concern for property owners, trusted commercial landscape companies can assist with the cultivation of fire-resistant landscaping. Within the bay area, this powerfully important aspect of due diligence can not only mean that investments in green spaces are less vulnerable to loss from fire, but also that landscaping will serve as a defensible space—and potentially even a protective fire break. Switching out flammable vegetation for spaciously placed fire-resistant plant species provides excellent peace of mind, as do fire-aware practices such as removing low-level tree limbs, and keeping landscaping immaculate and clear of debris.

Embracing Green 2022 Trends with Flora Terra

Based in San Jose, California, Flora Terra serves the broader bay area with a full spectrum of visionary commercial landscaping solutions. Harnessing a comprehensive understanding of the practical needs of the region's real estate developers, owners, and managers, we specialize in offering meaningful value for some of the most prestigious properties throughout the San Jose and mid-peninsula area. Environmentally friendly practices and green innovations are always central to our operational ethos. 


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