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A Commercial Landscaping Service For Relaxation Gardens

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Jun 19, 2018 8:38:00 AM

Commercial Real Estate Managers have a unique opportunity to improve their outdoor environment in corporate settings with well-designed and manicured landscaping. Design elements of the relaxation garden help reduce stress by incorporating design components of nature in the garden. The natural environment presents stimuli that supports and encourages relaxation and social group activities.


Interaction Stimulates and Soothes The Soul

People can interact with nature through the plethora of diverse plant types creating visual interest throughout the seasons. The architectural surroundings create a stimulating environment encouraging social conversation for visitors, clients and employees.  The soothing natural sound of running water softens nearby noise by creating a relaxing environment helping to calm the spirit during a stressful day.

Commercial Landscaping Service In The Bay Area

Studies Have Shown The Health Benefits of Outdoor Relaxation Spaces

Research has been conducted in various outdoor spaces showing the therapeutic benefits of relaxation gardens. Roger Ulrich, a professor and director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A & M University, found that viewing natural scenes or elements fosters stress recovery by evoking positive feelings, reducing negative emotions, effectively holding attention / interest, and blocking or reducing stressful thoughts.


On-Site Team Building Events

Many employers have been known to plan outdoor team building events along with coordinated help by their Commercial Landscaping Companies. In most cases, If employees are provided the opportunity and choice to save on transportation and other costs, they will want to remain onsite and create a connection with your corporate property. Just imagine the many things that could otherwise get accomplished in a corporate team environment, and a chance to show that you care by providing relaxation elements for their benefit.

A Commercial Landscaping Service With a Design Team Ready To Deliver!

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Relaxing, comfortable environments create happy healthy people and client retention. From outdoor relaxation settings to visually appealing landscapes, FloraTerra has a design team that is ready to deliver your dream landscape, customized to each client’s needs and budget.

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