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5 Ways to Impact Your Bay Area Landscaping and Conserve

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jul 27, 2015 8:00:00 AM


Some commercial landscaping companies are helping to conserve water and specialize in providing ways to curb its use. We have listed a few simple tips that can help in this area during a drought.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to save water, here's a few simple ideas that you can start implementing immediately helping with the public’s perception and creating a positive interest of your water conservation. 

Irrigate Early Mornings Between 4:00 am.-6:00 am.

Our Commercial Landscaping company Irrigates between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.when the sun is minimal, winds are calm and air is cool. Late watering is much less desirable do to wind and high temperatures. Watering your plants and lawn in the evening isn’t a good practice because long periods of dampness create a perfect environment for fungus to develop. By watering early in the Am., you give the plants and lawn a chance to dry out. Professional grade irrigation controllers can be set to irrigate at the appropriate times and intervals.

Follow Local Drought Ordinances

Check with your local water authority to verify the local watering frequency regulations for irrigating your landscaping. Landscape maintenance should make the appropriate adjustments to your watering system to avoid being penalized with fines.

Repair Broken Sprinklers and Check Irrigation Often

Small leaks here and there in a irrigation or sprinkler system can go detected for months on end. Some professionals estimate that a leak about the thickness of a 1/16” of an inch can literally waste thousands of gallons of water in a given month! Flow monitoring can help control unscheduled water flow , and shut the water off when unexpected watering occurs.

Make Daily Irrigation Adjustments

Adjusting your irrigation according with daily weather conditions helps conserve water while maintaining a robust and healthy landscape. Recent studies have shown that smart irrigation controllers making daily watering adjustments according with weather can save an estimated 20-40% on water consumption each year.

Delay Watering 48 Hours following rainfall

Local and state regulations require  that your watering be delayed a minimum of 48 hours following rainfall , the reason being is your landscaping doesn’t need to be watered and this will help conserve of water costs. Consider installing a rain sensor device that automatically interrupts your irrigation from cycling after rain occurs.

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