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[10] Reasons To Schedule Your Commercial Tree Care

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Aug 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM



Fortunately, Nature has been pretty nice to us compared to storms in past seasons and unfortunately has a way of catching us off guard. We have been hit hard with the drought all this year, but that could change quickly.

As beautiful as your trees may seem, it is important to periodically have your trees evaluated by a Certified Arborist- commercial landscape maintenance service that is trained to inspect the safety of your trees which includes monitoring there structural integrity.

Tree Care is Essential for Pedestrian Safety

Tree care failures can be prevented with proper tree maintenance including, cable supports, scheduled commercial tree pruning or removal of hazardous trees. Essential pruning is imperative and includes the removal of weak diseased or dead limbs, crossing branches and selectively thinning heavy dense canopies to reduce the end weight load. Our Arborists are trained to follow ANSI A-300 Pruning Standards to ensure your trees are professionally pruned to encourage the natural structural integrity of your trees.

10 Reasons for Commercial Tree Maintenance

  •   Branches that appear to be sparse and thin, off color or out of balance
  •   Tree having discolored decaying bark along the base or in the upper canopy structure
  •   Lesions or splitting cracks in the bark running in a horizontal or vertical pattern
  •   Narrow V shaped branches which are weakly attached to the central leader( main trunk or branch)
  •   The ground raised up at the base of the tree ( opposite side of the direction it is leaning)
  •   Tree out of balance leaning to the right or left side ( look at the soil to see if it is slightly raised on     opposite side)
  •   Fungus matter or mushroom growth developing at the base of the tree or within its upper canopy
  •   Dead branches that are detached that may fall out of the tree
  •   Tree touching structures, buildings, parking fixture lights, signage, or parking structures
  •   Visibility concerns blocking lines of sight with pedestrians and vehicle traffic
  •   Understory targets are at risk of failing trees that could cause harm of pedestrians, buildings and     vehicles

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Give FloraTerra Landscape a call at 408-275.1200 or use our contact form to schedule a free no obligation assessment of your trees. And if you want timely landscaping tips for trees, please click here to join our commercial landscaping blog.

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