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5 Ways to Impact Your Commercial Landscaping Service

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Sep 28, 2018 7:39:00 AM


Some commercial landscapers in the bay area specialize in providing ways to freshen up your property and bring it back to life. First impressions of your property can make an impact on how clients and visitors perceive your corporate image.

You don’t necessarily need a large budget to keep your property looking great, there are a few simple upgrades that you can do to engage the public’s perception and positive interest of your property. 

Here are 5 simple ideas that will help improve any commercial property:

If you have commercial property—landscaping for an office building, hotel, municipality, shopping center-mall landscape service or other community type landscaping—landscape renovation represents a reflection of your properties appearance with well-groomed landscaping, and meticulously maintained annual color beds. Consider hiring a corporate campus landscape company that knows how to maintain and keep office park landscaping looking great at all time.


1. Seasonal Flower Display- This is one area that is low cost compared to other types of landscape upgrades that is sure to bring about the most value and the best bang for your buck. This simple low cost upgrade will put the pizzazz back into your main entrances and high focal points areas of your property. For example, an HOA- condominium landscape service can place decorative planted pots at community building entrances to add color providing a warm inviting feeling for your owners and guests!

2. Outdoor Court Yards - Low budget landscaping can include a simple decorative bench within a nicely graveled seating area. Colored patio pavers with a low seat wall could be the next compliment to this area. Flowers and a shade tree would also boost the appearance. The options are many, and can be phased in over time to meet your budget needs.


3. Walkways Many commercial properties have deteriorated concrete surfaces that present a trip hazard as well as an unappealing factor. Consider incorporating portions or entire sections of walkway with architectural pavers that can help soften the look of corporate landscape. Specific sections of pavers blended into concrete walk ways can help highlight main entrances, intersections, and other high impact areas.

4. Ornamental Flower Beds- If you’re not looking to reconstruct your entire landscape area,  but need to enhance its appearance, have your commercial landscape company provide suggestions for added ornamental plantings to boost things. This could mean engineering the design of existing planters creating a new design look. Fresh bark mulch, plants and flowers create a definitive difference and asset value. This type of enhancement is appropriate for in and around monument signs and building entrance planters that brings the life back to your landscape.


5. Tree Care- Trees that have defective, broken or dead branches pose a safety risk leaving you liable for accidents and can also impact the appearance of your commercial landscaping. Low hanging branches can negatively obstruct the lines of site for vehicles and pedestrians which impede the normal traffic flow.

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