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Create Corporate Drought Resistant Landscaping!

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Apr 15, 2015 8:30:00 AM

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In the bay area where drought problems live, property owners must be vigilant if they want to keep their landscaping looking presentable throughout the year. Drought resistant landscaping is just one prudent option providing low maintenance landscaping without having to worry about the high cost of water and commercial lawn care.

Curb Your Commercial Water Management

One of the biggest challenges with the drought facing companies like commercial lawn maintenance and commercial office landscaping is the high cost of water. With state and local water restrictions, property owners face stringent penalties for excessive and unregulated water use. In California, commercial property owners can be at risk of being slapped with big fines ranging in the area of $500 per day per violation. Examples could potentially include deferred irrigation maintenance. For example, having several broken sprinklers throughout a large site can run into a lot of wasted water that you can be penalized for. Synthetic grass does not require as much hydration as traditional lawn and can save a substantial amount of water in the midst of drought conditions.

The Benefits of a Drought Resistant Lawn 

Lack of rainfall can cause declining or brown patches in a lawn, especially in shady situations. Grass needs to have the appropriate amounts of sunlight and water in order to looks its very best, when deprived of water, brown patches start to become noticeable. Once the stressed areas begin, it can be a slow and challenging recovery process impeding the lawns ability to recover quickly. In the drought stricken bay area, traditional lawn can be damaged in many ways including pedestrian foot traffic causing soil compaction and other cosmetic problems. Heavy foot traffic can also cause rutting creating uneven surfaces that make it difficult for lawn mower maintenance.

Low Maintenance Lawn Care and Consistent Color 

Lawn that is deprived of adequate amounts of water will begin to lose its vibrant green color and turn from green to various shades of brown-green. When synthetic or artificial grass is used, there is a consistent mix of color and texture. With traditional lawn, applying excessive amounts of nitrogen based fertilizer can cause discoloration. Shade can also be a contributing factor to a lawns color. In heavy shaded areas, artificial grass holds its color and maintains consistency throughout the seasons. Artificial grass does not require excessive amounts of water or fertilizer and is virtually maintenance free.

Expensive Commercial Lawn Renovation

With artificial lawn, there is virtually no maintenance required, eliminating the need for a commercial lawn mowing service that would normally apply expensive pesticides, fertilizers and water. It’s a common fact that lawns that get excessive amounts of shade and foot traffic will cause a lawn to look sparse and worn down over time. With Bay area drought stricken areas, lawn renovation can present challenging conditions that inhibit the establishment of new seed. Many bay area cities and counties that enforce watering restrictions make it literally impossible to keep a lawn areas green without penalties for watering. Under these stringent circumstances, reseeding is extremely challenging and unrealistic. Without adequate irrigation and watering, it will be difficult if not impossible to germinate the new seed.

Green Landscaping Throughout The Seasons

Extreme temperatures like frost and extreme heat in the summer months can take a toll of a lawn. Synthetic turf is resilient to heat, cold and drought conditions. Regardless of the extreme temperatures the lawn looks natural and does not change color. Extreme temperatures usually have an adverse effect on traditional lawns. Drought conditions cause rapid soil moisture depletion. Even drought tolerant lawns that have extensive root systems decline from a lack of adequate irrigation. Depending on individual conditions including local weather, the grass will start to decline leaving discolored stressed areas, brown patches. Property owners and managers who decide to install synthetic grass often do so, not only because of the drought and water restrictions, but also because its resilient and resistant to extreme temperatures and weather.

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