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10 Spectacular Flowers For Commercial Landscaping

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Feb 15, 2016 8:30:00 AM


Late Winter is Prime Planting Season for Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Annual Flowers in residential apartment landscaping and commercial office developments. They often establish more quickly when they are in the cool winter and fall season. The cooler weather allows the plants root system to acclimate more quickly from transplant shock.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • Reduce the Landscape watering frequency for established plantings

  • Remove trees that pose a critical risk to the public’s safety

  • Fertilize Trees, Shrubs as appropriate

  • Fertilize Lawns as appropriate

  • Have trees inspected by an experienced arborist, prune dead, diseased or unsafe branches.

  • Remove weak limbs in Trees

  • Plant New Trees and Shrubs

  • Mulch Trees and shrubs as appropriate

  • Inspect Plant material for disease and pests treating appropriately

  • Conduct the appropriate water schedule for the cooler weather


Top 10 Winter Flowers !

  1. English Primerose
  2. Pansy
  3. Flowering Kale
  4. Chrysanthemum Paludosum
  5. Cyclamen
  6. Primula Obconica
  7. Iceland Poppies
  8. Snap Dragons
  9. Viola
  10. Dianthus


English Primerose

Features; Mounds of vibrant colors available.

Exposure: Plant in part sun to light shade

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- Size: Plant 8-12” apart

Comments: Hardy, Colorful, Frost Resistant, very dependable




Features; Multi colored Flowers, many colors available

Exposure: Full Sun Annual

Uses: Beds, Baskets, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 10-12” apart

Comments: Low Boarder Plant, needs fast draining soil, sensitive



Flowering Kale

Features; Red, White or Pink colors

Exposure: Full Sun – Part Shade Annual

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 12” apart

Comments: Accent or specimen in beds, best in cool temperatures below 50F



Chrysanthemum Paludosum

Features; Profuse white flowers, likes cool weather, cool white, long lasting

Exposure: Full sun exposure

Size: Grows 12-14” Tall

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 1o-12” apart

Comments: Medium Size Plant, Hardy- Fast growing and easy care




Features; Exotic, Bright Flowers, Red, Pink, White

Exposure: Part sun-Part Shade

Size: Grows 4-6” Tall

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 8-10” apart

Comments: Frost Sensitive, Low to Medium size plant. Likes some protection



Primula Obconica

Features; Rich colorful blooms of Red, Pink, Blue and White

Exposure: Part Shade

Size: Grows 6”- 12” Tall depending on variety

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 8-12” apart

Comments: Dependable mixed boarder plant



Iceland Poppies

Features; Orange, Yellow, Cream, Red color

Exposure: Full Sun

Size: Grows 12” Tall depending on variety

Uses: Beds, Boarders, Containers

Spacing- : Plant 10-12” apart

Comments: Nice accent Plant



Snap Dragon

Features; Abundance colors

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Grows 8-12” Tall depending on variety

Uses: Use in Beds, Back Grounds or as Cut Flower

Spacing- : Plant 10-12” apart

Comments: Good cut flowers, likes fast draining soil.




Features; Cheerful flat faced flower, variety of colors available

Exposure: Filtered Sun to Part Shade, Tender.

Size: Grows 4”- 6” Tall

Uses: Boarders, Mass Plantings and Containers.

Spacing- : Plant 8-10” apart

Comments: Good for Pots, Beds and Containers




Features; Clove scented, shades of pink, purple and white

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Grows 8”- 12” Tall

Uses: Cut Flowers, Boarders, Rock Gardens and Containers.

Spacing- : Plant 6-12” apart

Comments: Fragrant, Excellent cut flower, good boarder plant



Features; Multiple colors available, slightly fragrant

Exposure: Full Sun Annual

Size: Grows 4”-6” Tall

Uses: Use in Boarders, Beds and Containers.

Spacing- : Plant 6”-10” apart

Comments: Versatile annual flower, in the carnation family


Calendula officinalis

Features; Orange bright yellow colors 

Exposure: Full Sun Annual

Size: Grows 6”-12" Tall

Uses: Use in Boarders, Beds and Containers.

Spacing- : Plant 10”-12” apart

CommentsThis plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds
Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Self-sows freely; deadhead if you do not want volunteer seedlings next season
This plant is resistant to deer


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