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Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Oct 20, 2017 9:14:00 AM


How Can I Reduce My Commercial Landscape Service Costs?

Some companies who want to reduce their Commercial Landscape Maintenance cost bottom line may choose to go with the lowest monthly landscape maintenance price not realizing the hidden costs of maintenance inefficiencies.

Off Set Your Commercial Office Landscape Services

In past years many of the technologies that are available today did not exists as they do today. With bay area water costs on the rise, local public agencies are offering new landscape rebates and incentives for the replacement of older plant material and inefficient irrigation equipment. It makes more sense than ever to plan for the future. Some of the returns you can expect are anywhere from 3-10 years depending various factors including your local water costs. This means you have the potential to have a positive cash flow for many years to come.

Many companies may not realize they can increase their bottom line through smart landscape improvements, by reducing their commercial landscape maintenance operating costs. on the other hand there are companies across the bay area that are hiring experienced landscape contractors that have the knowledge, expertise and band width to help them increase their bottom lines savings through improved maintenance up-grades and efficiencies.


Low maintenance landscaping requires less water, less labor and less resources to maintain. The ultimate end result creates long term savings while preserving your valuable cash flow.

Improving Your Return On Investment

When considering your Commercial Landscape Service, and Irrigation Services and Water Management, one of the best ways to improve your return on investment is to consolidate several projects together. When considering water efficient landscape upgrades or landscape irrigation retrofits, the entire project needs to be reviewed as one whole. A comprehensive analysis should be done on all landscaping including irrigation components, for example: if you are looking to upgrade and renovate your landscaping without doing a full review and audit of your irrigation system, you may not realize the under performing irrigation system that will end up costing you in plant replacements and escalated water costs. Generally, if your apartment landscaping is 8-10 years or older it’s probably 10%-25% inefficient compared to the latest irrigation technology and drought tolerant plant choices readily available today.


does it make sense to start over or renovate?

The answer is yes and no, for example: if your commercial landscaping company upgrades your irrigation controllers to weather based smart controllers and your sprinkler system is inefficient i.e. poorly spaced heads, low water pressure, leaking valves and broken pipes it may end up costing you more in the future.

If you plan on making an investment in a Commercial Landscape Installation, a consideration would be to do a full analysis of your entire irrigation system and plant material inventory. Additionally it is recommended that you look at the upfront costs doing a return on investment comparison to see if it makes sense to move forward.

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