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Top 4 Trends We See In Commercial Office Landscaping

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Feb 2, 2018 8:58:00 AM



Water-Saving plant choices can be attractive, Low Maintenance and Better for Commercial Property Landscaping

There are many plant options available that use little water in Commercial Office Landscaping. Water savings can be achieved by making some simple changes in plant palate and irrigation methods, this can greatly reduce the water required for an attractive landscape.


Smart Plant Choices help for Commercial Property Landscaping

There are many plant choices that use surprisingly little water. There are also several irrigation equipment upgrades that can increase your irrigation system’s efficiency which can result in saving water, labor on commercial office landscape maintenance and ultimately saving money.

Water-Efficient Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems

A Commercial Landscaping Company can use a drip system that is effective in tight planter spaces because it waters the roots of plants directly as opposed to over spraying on asphalt, concrete or adjacent structures. Pop-up overhead watering systems are ideal for larger turf areas because they can cover a large area efficiently and economically.

Water Landscaping-Less Often

Commercial Property Trends are including designs that use less water and frequency that will make the roots of plants grow deeper into the ground and make the plants healthier and more drought resistant, running irrigation systems during the night or in the early morning will allow for more effective watering since the sun isn’t out and the wind isn’t blowing.

Check Water Pressure

It is also suggested checking the pressure of your irrigation system; too high of water pressure will emit small droplets that are easily blown away by the wind.

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