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7 Steps That Will Save a Bundle on Commercial Tree Care Services

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Nov 1, 2017 9:40:00 AM


Hiring a company that performs commercial tree care services may seem fairly straight forward, but not without taking some precautionary measures for safety and also to ensure they are complying with local city and county ordinances.If you get caught without following these steps could cost you a bundle of money. Read on to learn more

What Is Required Before Removing A Tree? 

Here are a few simple guide lines to consider for commercial tree services


Some city and counties require that any tree (dead or alive, public or private) located within City or County limits must meet certain criteria before you remove it. Trees must be 9 inches in diameter or 28 inches in circumference, or larger, when measured at 4 1/2 feet above natural grade to require a permit. ( please check with your local city or county arborist for specific guid lines) 

Removal request must be in writing and come from the owner of the tree (except in case of emergency.) The written request must state reason(s) for removal and any other pertinent information. Note: Because a tree drops leaves or needles is not valid reason for removal. 

The request must include the tree's site address, clear directions of the tree(s) location on the property, a return address with zip code, telephone number where the owner may be contacted and approximate date of intended removal, if known. 

Up to ten (10) working days after receipt of request may be needed for field evaluation (except in case of emergency.) 

After letter of request has been received, a site visit will be made by City Arborist to evaluate the tree(s) using the following criteria: 

□ Disease 

□ Species 

□ Form 

□ Health 

□ Structure 

□ Public nuisance 

□ Danger of falling 

□ Proximity of existing structures 

□ Utility interference 

□ Sidewalk or driveway damage 

□ Acts as vector host 

□ Removal to be a benefit or detriment to other trees on site 

If the tree removal request is approved, the permit will be mailed as soon after the field evaluation as possible. 

If the tree removal request is disapproved, the owner will be notified and given an opportunity to appeal decision to the Public Services Director. A copy of the Appeals Procedure will be sent. 

The tree removal permit and copy of of landscape contractor's business license must be on site at time of physical removal or the work may be issued a stop work notice and citation. 

NOTE: It is always a good idea for property owner to only hire fully insured tree service who have a valid Contractors License / Fully Insured. Get at least three quotes and be sure to describe in detail the work you want done. 

Contact our company for our tree care evaluation. We can provide you with a complete seasonal tree care program that includes a free estimate .

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