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5 Water Wise Plants Used by Our Community Landscape Service

Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Nov 4, 2017 9:20:00 AM


Succulents are ideal for the drought conditions for community landscape service settings. For most corporate and bay area properties, 50% of outdoor watering is used for landscape maintenance and using drought tolerant plants in its place can save up to 50% or more. Succulents were originally introduced into the bay area for their drought tolerant characteristics and there low maintenance advantages. 


Succulents are back by popular demand

The principles of drought resistant landscaping, formerly known as Xeriscape has an appealing effect for many bay area owners because of its ability to withstand the drought, less flower replacements and use much less water with very little maintenance. We all know the cost of water is on the rise with most corporate campus multi-building landscape services and we know managers are looking for cost effective alternatives to battle the drought.


It works well with an Apartment Community Landscape Service

One of the biggest advantages when using drought friendly landscaping- succulents are much more resilient and last longer than traditional annual flowers and maintenance is almost nothing. Succulent s can be used in a variety of applications including raised planter beds, vertical containers, and flower pots and there colorful foliage can be mixed with a variety of flowering plants and perennials creating a colorful landscape.


Works Well With Our Shopping Center Landscape Service

Contrary to popular opinion, some might think that succulents are not part of landscaping for shopping centers but are better suited for the desert; however some are capable of adapting  into retail shopping center landscaping and tolerating part shade and extreme seasonal conditions.


Its Cost Effective in Apartments & HOA Landscaping

Although succulents can get pricy, the advantages are clear, reduced flower costs, less water is needed and they reduce maintenance costs, these benefits far outweigh there initial cost.


New varieties and Choices available

Give succulents some thought for your next project, there are literally 100’s of new varieties readily available to choose from.

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