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Drought Resistant Landscaping Saves Water and Money

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jun 25, 2014 7:00:00 AM


Native-Grass is Low Maintenance and Looks Great!

You might be interested to know that Native grass is an alternative to the traditional grass requiring frequent maintenance with little water once established. Due to some recent scientific meddling with common lawn 'No-Mow Grass is becoming popular in many applications.' (Apparently genetic scientists don't like mowing either) No-Mow grass is an alternative to the traditional fast growing lawn that requires weekly mowing. It stays at a height of 8 to 12 inches, and grows well in most bay area landscaping. You can put off mowing, not only for weeks at a time, but several months depending on site conditions and other factors. 

The Tall indigenous grass, or sometimes called No-Mow Grass, is considered sustainable landscaping and can be found at some commercial lawn and garden suppliers in both rolls and bagged seed form. Pricewise it runs higher in cost as a traditional turf in seed form and slightly more in Sod, but will cost much less to maintain using less water. FloraTerra Landscape is offering this alternative grass solution for many properties throughout the Greater Bay Area, including: Shopping Centers, Public Spaces, Commercial Buildings and Apartment Communities.

Less Water Required

The advantages of a No-Mow grass lawn are many. The big difference is you have a rich green landscape cover that requires much less time to maintain and uses much less water. It grows very slowly and doesn't grow tall. The indigenous grasses have a natural relaxed laid over look, resembling a natural meadow.

The No-Mow Grass is easy on the environment and drought resistant landscaping, requiring less maintenance than conventional lawns in the San Jose and San Francisco bay area. It can benefit from occasional weeding and fertilizing. Using the Mowers less often saves money spent on labor, fuel and oil, and puts out fewer emissions. There’s also less debris for your landscaper to haul away.

The Sustainable Solution- Less Money to Maintain

No-Mow grass is a great way to save money on water and maintenance, environmentally friendly option for Bay Area Landscaping applications. Some properties use it on Sloped areas or in Bio-swale applications.

You may be wondering why the No-Mow Grass only grows 6-12 inches. Recently a plant hormone called Brassinosteroid has been discovered and altered in grass. Brassinosteroid is responsible for the growth and aging of plants. By altering this hormone, a low maintenance, dwarfed version of grass has been created. This process has amazing implications for agriculture crops. For now, we have more Eco-friendly, low maintenance, attractive option for grass lawns that require a fraction of the water cost- saving property managers and building owners money on their water.


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