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FloraTerra Design Group: By The Zone For Ultimate Landscape Longevity

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Oct 3, 2023 6:00:00 AM


Few things are more disappointing than jumping right into a new landscaping project, only to find that the selected plants struggle to thrive as intended. In our dedication to providing the very best Bay Area HOA landscaping service, we often speak to clients who have experienced this frustration in the past, having worked with landscapers who weren't really experts in appropriate plant selection.

In truth, an essential aspect of Bay Area plant health care is understanding that not every attractive species will be suited to the commercial landscape at hand. This makes it a must to consider both hardiness zone and unique micro-climates when planning a landscape that will blossom and grow into its potential.

What Are Plant Hardiness Zones and Why Do They Matter?

Our incredible world features a phenomenal abundance of plant types and each has adapted over millennia to grow within a certain climate. This means that the frost-tolerant and water-loving plant species found in England and Japan will not thrive in the temperate but dry climates of the Mediterranean basin or our own Bay area, and vice versa.

To help professional landscapers and hobby gardeners alike to navigate this diversity, the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed a USDA plant hardiness zone map. Just about every plant species within the modern landscape designer's repertoire has been coded to this map, allowing instant insight into its suitability for any given location.

There are a total of thirteen zones across the United States, informed by average and extreme temperatures in that area. As a diligent and Affordable HOA Landscaping Company in San Jose Ca, we understand how vital it is that property owners need only invest in plants once and that those plants will reach maturity within an optimal time frame. This makes the information unlocked by the USDA plant hardiness zone map an essential tool to utilize.

Applying the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map in the Bay Area

As a large property landscaping service provider in San Jose Ca, we find that many of our clients are surprised to discover that even the San Francisco Bay Area here in California contains more than one planting zone.

This sadly sometimes means that the striking plant spotted by a FloraTerra client at a relatively nearby property may not be a great choice for their own commercial landscaping. However, our team of horticultural experts is always ready to collaborate, providing a range of alternative suggestions to help you achieve that dream green space aesthetic.

It is also important to remember that the plant hardiness zone map is only a guide to follow and additional site-specific factors will also have to be considered. For example, we wouldn't plant a shade-loving species in full sun or a tree that requires consistent drainage in clay soil.

Our team of Drought Resistant HOA Landscape Designers is also keen to emphasize the water-consumption aspect of plant choices. Because ultimately, when plants that are minimally thirsty and happy to withstand a Bay Area drought are chosen, monthly water bills and the risk of needing plant replacements can be dramatically reduced.

Realizing Resilient Commercial Landscaping That Supports Local Eco-Systems

Within an area that is often struck by extended periods of drought, there is great satisfaction to be found in the countless ways that plants help the local environment. Landscaping that thrives through every Bay Area season offers countless rewards, ranging from reduced property costs and enhanced commercial aesthetics through to contributing to our region's sustainable future.

FloraTerra Design Group in San Jose, Ca has proudly served a wide range of prestigious commercial and estate properties across the Bay Area for more than two decades. Our extensive team of landscape designers, managers, irrigation experts, and more are ready to provide a contemporary, high-value, full-spectrum, and scalable service for your commercial property.

Are you ready to choose a commercial landscape maintenance contractor that will ensure you feel confident in the wise choices that shape how your commercial landscape evolves into the future? If so, our dedicated team is ready to provide a quote or answer your questions, so request a consultation today.

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