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Posted by Elizabeth Mendoza on Dec 17, 2019 8:30:00 AM

HOA Landscape Company, Santa Clara County Ca

An HOA landscape company that provides beautiful green spaces in and around a homeowner association gives an undeniably powerful impression. Complimentary landscaping certainly provides a strong sense of value! Science tells us, however, that there is so much more to introducing green spaces than simple aesthetics. In fact, the more research is done, the more we come to understand the huge breadth of benefits to be gained – from greater well-being to increased productivity. Engaging commercial landscape companies to create displays of natural beauty can be a transformation investment, for businesses and community associations alike.

Tracing the Benefits of Green Spaces

The idea that exposure to nature is good for us is not something new. The Japanese have a wonderful take on the idea, with the popular practice of Shinrin-yoku – which translates as “forest bathing”. You don't need water to experience it, but simply to immerse yourself in a natural space. The concept is so celebrated that it actually plays a part in the country's health system.

Offering a Phenomenal Boost to Health and Memory

Of course, urban and commercial environments don't quite hold the capacity for Shinrin- yoku. Thankfully, an HOA landscape company can achieve many of the same benefits on a smaller scale! Research shows that being able to walk among plants, or even see a natural landscape through the window, can help us feel happier. It can improve memory retention and recall, and help us be more creative. The lift we get when we enjoy beautifully maintained outdoor spaces is apparently to more than just our mood!

Green spaces offer a phenomenal boost to health. They have been connected to reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and even Alzheimer’s. Some of these super- powers appear to be purely psychological. Others can be traced to the immune boosting powers of plants. Pytoncides – chemicals produced by many trees and plants – and helpful bacteria in natural environments strengthen our immunity, and make us more resilient. In this sense, an HOA landscape company can offer help. They will act as an empowering ally to homeowner associations and those who live within them!

Unlocking the Potential with an HOA Landscape Company

The benefits for businesses are even further reaching. A long-term collaboration with a commercial landscape company offers so much more than the prestige that comes with attractive green space. Being able to enjoy outside areas are a huge driver of productivity too. Studies suggest that introducing green areas around commercial premises can improve staff concentration. It can even increase task performance by as much as 20%, while lowering the frequency of sick-leave. Evidently, a touch of nature can help us engage as our most creative and constructive selves.

Stepping out into a green environment offers employees great inspiration, and even a new space in which to do business. “Taking a long walk was Steve Job’s preferred way to have a serious conversation”, according to Walter Isaacson's biography – if we wanted a lead to follow! Fundamentally, talented workers aspire to fantastic work environments, and diligent landscape management is a wonderful way to elevate a business above its competition.

An HOA Landscape Company Provides the Perfect Modern Living Solution

Today's lifestyles often mean juggling stress, and green space offers a counter-balance to help us maintain our well-being. In fact, interacting with natural spaces can provide similar effects to meditating, without the same demands of self-discipline! Studies tell us that a green view can alleviate negative emotions, and actively boost our mood. When we are able to enjoy a lushly planted scene, our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which helps us recover from stress and feel calmer. All of these positive impacts are something that we carry with us throughout our day. So, when a HOA landscape company is providing a green area around common area environments, those who travel through such spaces will feel the benefits in both!

Eco Friendly Practices Include Sustainable and Recycled Materials

According to more recent research, green spaces make us feel more sociable and cohesive too. Knowing that green areas were created by a, HOA landscape company who favors eco- friendly practices helps those who enjoy them feel more connected to each other. An HOA Landscape Specialist like Flora Terra can provide indigenous plants, perfectly suited to your location. You can feel confident that sustainability and recycled materials are prioritized. Embracing an earth-friendly aspect in our outdoor spaces can improve mental well-being as we feel part of something larger than ourselves!

An HOA Landscape Company That Creates Prosperity

With the assistance of a homeowner association landscape company such as Flora Terra, HOA and condominium owner associations can tap into the outstanding advantages that green spaces have to offer. Such extensive experience, and in-depth understanding of how to create sustainable, highly aesthetic and beneficial outdoor spaces, means the highest caliber of result. Consider the huge potential that an HOA Landscape Company has to offer, and create powerful prosperity for your community today.

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