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5 HOA Landscape Services 4 Older Properties

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Jul 16, 2019 5:16:00 AM


HOA Landscape Services for older properties must include landscape renovation that enhance and boost property appeal. It can also lower your landscape operating costs. Landscape enhancement and installation services use cutting-edge design and irrigation technology to transform existing lawns into beautiful sustainable landscaping employing the latest cost-savings.

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5 HOA Landscape Services for Older Properties

Eye-catching, creative landscape design that works with hoa landscape maintenance that gives your community space a fresh, new look.

1) Careful selection of grass, plants, shrubs and trees that will thrive in your local conditions are insect and drought-resistant, compatible with one another and have lower water requirements.

2) An HOA Landscaping Service can strategically place plants and trees to lower heating and cooling requirements, thereby increasing your energy efficiency.

3) Efficient irrigation water management with the installation of smart irrigation systems (with solar power options) that apply ET rates. This eliminates wastage and lowers utility bills, as you avoid the damage caused by water run-off.

4) Recycling green waste like grass clippings and leaves to mulch and fertilize your garden as well as reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

5) Converting to sustainable HOA landscape maintenance ensures a lifetime of reduced cost HOA maintenance. Ask an experienced landscape company with proven expertise in renovating older lawns and installing the latest irrigation systems to give you a stunning makeover.

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