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An HOA Landscape Service That Saves Water!

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Sep 14, 2017 8:55:00 AM

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Improved Design Helps Reduce Water and Save!

Hiring an experienced HOA Landscape Service can lower your consumption and help comply with the new water regulations in California . Efficient water management is a huge challenge for HOA and Commercial property managers. Well-planned sustainable landscapes and green landscape maintenance practices are a great solution to rising water rates. Plus you’ll achieve the reduced maintenance costs you’ve been dreaming about. 

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An HOA Landscape Service That Supports Government Rebates

Bay Area Landscaping trends create a beautiful outdoor space with minimal irrigation requirements as well as implement effective water management techniques to further reduce your usage, including drought friendly grasses. Government rebates on converting to equipment that supports low water use is an additional benefit you can take advantage of.

How can i reduce water costs?

  • Appropriate plant selection: Selecting plants that are suitable to local soil and weather conditions lowers your irrigation requirements.
  • Establishing hydro-zones: By grouping plants according to their water requirements and getting a landscape technician to calculate their ET (Evapotranspiration or the amount of water lost) rates, you can ensure each area receives the right amount of water. You can avoid wastage in the form of puddles or runoffs.
  • Implementing smart irrigation: Irrigation systems utilizing low flow drip and blubber heads maximize efficiency while smart controllers (with solar power options) deliver the precise amounts in keeping with changing weather patterns.

Self-maintaining landscapes with sustainable maintenance practices optimize use of existing resources including green waste. The right HOA landscaping service will support your goals contributing to increased savings.

Our Commercial Property Landscaping experts can guide your plant selection in creating a well-planned landscape maintenance service that will with stand weather challenges, lower utility bills and reduce maintenance costs.

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Commercial Landscape Service in San Jose 

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