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An HOA Landscaping Company Unlocks Higher Returns

Posted by Gene Ebertowski, President on Nov 9, 2021 6:45:00 AM


HOA Landscaping Company in San Jose Ca

For any Homeowners Association, retaining and increasing property value is always going to be high on the agenda. Not only does this ensure that investments are always well reflected in returns, but also that residents will continue to be satisfied and delighted in the years to yet come.

Revealing recent insights from Consumer Reports highlighted how powerful landscape design and maintenance is in the pursuit of thriving property values. When we consider that HOA homes already enjoy values that sit roughly 5-6% higher than their non-HOA counterparts, it's worthwhile to recognize that landscaping improvements can push this advantage even further when the right approach is taken. With that in mind, let's dive into the whys and how's of landscape strategy for HOA properties.

The Right HOA Landscaping Enhances Desirability

There is no question that outstanding curb appeal and visually enticing properties draw attention in all the right ways. While landscape maintenance should always be within the budget of an HOA, landscape design should also be kept within the sights of savvy property owners. For example, Realtor Magazine pin-points sophistication of design and the diversity and size of plants used as particularly powerful resources to harness.

Stylish and contemporary landscape design can not only raise market value but also reduce gaps in occupancy as demand is increased. Meanwhile, well planned landscaping that offers improved water management and harnesses natural resources effectively – through smart irrigation and water-wise planting – can reduce maintenance costs, facilitating a doubly rewarding return on investment.

Annual Budget Planning Ahead

A skilled HOA landscape company will not only be able to deliver fantastic design and implementation, but they will also be able to advise and assist in the long-term oversight of your property maintenance strategy. An important element of this for HOA properties in particular is the foresight to invest wisely when occupancy is high.

Securing a market advantage in the form of elegant and appealing outdoor spaces can offer added value ahead of future potential economic downturns. With low maintenance and aesthetic landscaping already in place, lower occupancy during a recession can not only be weathered, but perhaps also negated.

A World of Possibilities in HOA Landscape Maintenance and Design

Under the broad umbrella of potential value additions to HOA landscape properties, there are many facets to explore. Here are some of the impactive enhancements that an HOA landscape company should be able to assist with:

  • Redesigning common-area landscaping
    Improvements to the outdoor spaces that are most visible across your HOA property will inevitably transform the day-to-day experience of residents. Not only do these areas serve as an emotive backdrop to enjoy, but they can also offer
    outstanding value in terms of offering more usable spaces.
  • Renovating features and amenities
    A trained perspective and a fresh pair of eyes can be invaluable when it comes to assessing weak points across the exterior of any HOA property. Features and amenities set the tone for residents and prospective buyers alike. This makes activities such as pressure washing facades, maintaining outdoor fitness equipment and lounge areas, and re-painting swimming pools and walls all the more important.
  • Knowing when to make landscaping changes
    Similarly, an experienced landscaping professional can help HOA owners identify unsightly planting such as shrubs and trees that are no longer serving the space they inhabit. A landscaping expert will not only be able to uproot that which has become an eyesore, but also to advise on replacement planting to quickly restore a show stopping outdoor aesthetic.
  • Highlighting landscaping strengths with lighting
    Lighting not only makes HOA residents feel safer, but it also creates a sense of luxury that extends into the evening. Well planned lighting creates a rich ambiance, adding wonderful depth and interest as it highlights pathways, fountains, pools, tennis-courts, and vibrant foliage.
  • Advising on additional features for increased appeal
    Following an initial assessment, a well versed landscape company will be able to advise on additional amenities that may enhance your property's appeal. For example, a dog park or pet relief area – with doggie bag dispensers and trash cans at hand – will offer immediate appeal for pet owners. Similarly, families exploring HOA properties will always have an eye out for play areas and fantastic picnic spots, so a playground can immediately boost a property's allure.
  • Tips on technological enhancements
    Cutting edge HOA landscape companies need to keep their finger on the pulse. As such, they are often able to advise on so much more than the latest smart watering technology. They should also be able to guide you on how to implement an online payment and maintenance request system for your residents. Easy-to-use digital portals not only improve an HOA's first impression for prospective residents, but can also reduce incidents of missed dues.
  • Helping HOAs to think outside the box
    The world of HOAs is notoriously competitive, and innovative amenities can certainly assist when it comes to stepping above the local market. Creatively placed seating areas, electric car chargers, telecommuting spaces, or even a bocce ball court might be the gems that ensures your HOA seals the deal ahead of any other.
    Bay Area HOA Landscape Design

The Additional Reward of Water Savings in a Drought

The Bay area is increasingly renowned for extreme drought conditions. Addressing recent impacts, Drought Monitor shared, “California continued to see the impacts of drought increase, and there was expansion of extreme and exceptional drought in the northern and central areas as well as along the coast of central California.”

In the face of this reality, it's crucial to realize that without proper adjustment, HOAs will more frequently feel the brunt of water shortages within the realm of their landscape maintenance. However, with intelligent water system design, water retention strategy implementation, and knowledgeable planting – to name but a few approaches – water costs can be cut dramatically and droughts withstood effectively.

The Right HOA Landscaping Company Will Yield Real Results

In terms of HOA investments, diligent landscaping is unique in its capacity to offer both direct and long-term ROI. Casting a light on landscaping as a valuable area for property improvements can enhance the esteem of your HOA property in the eyes of prospective residents both locally and further afield. As memberships increase, so will budget – allowing further investments and property upgrades in a continuing positive cycle. Well planned landscapes will also stand up to the test of time, becoming a greater asset as they grow.

Framed by that idea, we can be certain that selecting the right HOA landscape company is a key step in utilizing landscaping to enhance property value. By choosing to hire a landscaping company with a proven track record, you can effectively ensure that every aspect of the landscaping equation is not only in balance, but optimized.

At FloraTerra Landscape Management, we understand landscaping. We work closely with HOA management companies and boards to help them ensure that their properties exteriors give the perfect impression – tailoring a strategic approach that brings aesthetic, functionality and cost efficiency together beautifully. Our team of landscaping experts not only deliver quality and precision in landscape maintenance, but they also strive to proactively support clients in achieving long-term prosperity and success. If you'd like to learn more about how we can serve your one-of-a-kind HOA, contact our team today.

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