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Getting Results From Your Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Services

Posted by Sabrina Ayala on Nov 28, 2018 4:50:00 AM

Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Services

How to Get More From Your Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Services

A great Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Services Company provides more than mowing, blowing  and moving on to the next property. If you want to have an exceptional open green space and a solidified relationship with your bay area landscaping company you need to keep reading on.

Great Customer Service is More About Communication and Response

Many companies call there selves landscape experts but partnering with a company that can provide great landscaping service with unparalleled customer service is not easy to come by. Landscape companies can mow and blow calling themselves “landscape management experts” but good customer service is not easy to find, it requires ongoing communication and response when you need it. 

Pro-Active Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Contractor

A bay area commercial landscaping contractor must have dedicated team members that provide proactive customer service for each one of their customers large or small alike. 

Your Assigned Account Manager

A company that provides landscaping services for building complexes must be a properly structured commercial landscape maintenance  services company that includes an assigned Account Manager for their individual clients. This account manager is the face of the company and communicates directly with the customer on a regular basis; the account manager also supervises and directs the field crew that is assigned to service the property. The account manager makes sure that the work is being carried out according with the landscaping specifications -scope of work ensuring a happy customer outcome.

Customer Assurance, Assessment and Review

With our large property landscaping services located in San Jose, one of the primary systems that we implement is Customer Assurance Care.  This is a scheduled visit to the property to review, assess and discuss things that are going in the right direction and functions that need to move up the priority chain.  Some clients prefer this more frequently than others, for example ABC Co. wants it set for once per month while others prefer it quarterly, and some just twice yearly, we customize our program to meet each client’s needs.

Bay Area Commercial Lawn Maintenance

So what is a Customer Assurance Call Exactly?

So what about customer assurance, assessment and review?. This is the scheduled time that the Account Manager meets with you personally and reviews your job site priorities, regardless if it is a large corporate campus or a luxury apartment community, it’s about constant improvement.  As a Bay Area Commercial Landscaping Contractor, when meeting with our customers, we also take their honest feedback and communicate the information to the assigned service crew. At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure our bay area commercial landscapers provide you with a level of service that everyone can be proud of. Our team members are valued like family and when we are able to step up to the plate providing a high level of service we commend them for an exceptional outcome and we want to do that over and over again.

Proactive Service, Exceptional Communication, Followup


For example, In our hoa-apartment landscaping service, we are always evaluating our customer service procedures for clear communication among our management team as well external communication with our clients and vendors. Communication is the primary area that creates the best customer service and this is an area that can always strive to improve upon, that is why we appreciate your feedback.

We Appreciate Our Customers Providing Us with Their Feedback

We have regular scheduled training s with our bay area commercial landscapers that covers things like appropriate response times, job site etiquette, formal follow up procedures as well as published guidelines for pro-active communication as discussed above. We are not a perfect company by any means, but we sincerely appreciate  our customers ongoing feedback sharing there constructive criticism for improved communication as we understand that each customers has different priorities and expectations. 

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